Thursday, August 28, 2008

We love each other and missionary work!

These are only those affected by this transfer!


snow said...

Wow! That happiness and excitement is contagious! I worried my son would be sad about leaving his one and only area thus far, but they all look thrilled.

Kathy, I think I see Elder Davenport here and I see Elder Maneha (spelling?) next to Trent.

Can't wait til our next email to learn where he's going.

Thanks for the pictures Sis. Porter. You are the best!


Snow Jones
Kinston, NC

snow said...

Oops! As soon as I sent that last comment on its way, I realized I had referred to Kathy when I should have addressed Peggy. Sorry, Peggy.

I'll email you directly about your son's transfer.


Rory said...

Dear Sis. Porter,

Thanks SOOO much for these photos. WE haven't seen a photo of Elder Polo in longer than we'd like. (Of course seeing two or three daily wouldn't be enough!) We are so grateful for all that you both do and for your family who are sacrificing three years without you as well!

Love, The Polo Family