Thursday, September 8, 2011

It is done! Kia Ora to Lekias' and Porter's!

A BIG KIA ORA to President and Sister Lekias!
Porter's leave the New Zealand shores with gratitude in their hearts for the blessings of associating with the Lord's anointed, for having the opportunity to know and love the people of New Zealand and most of all for being witness to the hand of the Lord in the lives of those who will have faith in Him, obey His word and follow the Spirit!!!

A special thank you to the families of all our fabulous missionaries for trusting in the Lord and sharing your loving and talented sons and daughters so that the purposes of the Lord might be fulfilled! We are certain that your trust and faith in the Lord will be richly rewarded with blessings upon your families as well as having your sons and daughters grow and experience God in ways that would never otherwise be possible! Glory be to the Father and to His Son and to the Holy Ghost!!!

The "Mantle" changes hands!

We were told by Elder Callister of the Seventy that when the mobile phone is passed to the new mission president is when the "mantle" rests upon the new president from the old one! So this was a momentous occasion for all of us!
President Lekias looks anxious and President Porter has been dreaming of this moment since he was given the mobile phone from Elder Cook 3 years ago!
President Porter looks relieved!
Reality sets in for President Lekias!
The Porter's and Lekias' stand side by side with a great appreciation for what the Lord has done in the past three years and with great wondrous anticipation of what the Lord has in store for the New Zealand Auckland Mission in the next three years!

One last game of basketball! President calls it the "celestial sport"!

Elder Smith's attempt to thwart President, but no luck!
Elder Kimball tries to slap it out--but President is triumphant!
Elder Smith tries again!
Elder Kimball makes another attempt!
The President changes courts and Elder Brown tries his hand at stopping the President!
A final Elder Porter/President Porter dual!!! You do know that I am paid to make President look good on this blog---right!!!
In the end, they are all adorable! Left to right: Back row - Elders Desmarias, Greening. Middle row - Elders Curtis, Chandler, Smith, Handy, Brown, President, Porter. Front row - Sisters Jones, Donumaibugale, Elders Kimball, Hoko, Rehak and Toka!

Getting in those last beautiful baptisms!

On the final Saturday in June we attended the baptism of Anna and Victoria Howard and Atiu Enerii In Pukeokohe! Victoria is the 9 year old daughter of Anna and who had great faith! She removed a bone carved necklace that she had worn since she was 3 years old and thought that it would bless and protect her; for the blessing and protection of the Lord! I think she made an excellent choice, especially for her young age!
One last stop at Pokeno's with the Papakura Zone and District Leaders and the Sisters after the baptism! Left to right: Back row - Elders Kitara and Kaufusi; Front row - Sisters Leu and Perry, President Porter, Elders Nipko and Pre!
A wonderful farewell with the Seniors in the Area Office! Friends Forever!