Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Angels of Hamilton!

These are the wonderful "Missionary Mummies" that make the very best meals for the missionaries in our Hamilton Zone Conference! Each of our missionaries knows of the longstanding tradition of marvelous meals and considers themselves fortunate to serve in a place where they get served like Kings and Queens! These Sisters are only hoping that someone will treat their missionary sons and daughters half as good as they do yours!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Most of our Mission Couples!

From left to right: Elder and Sister Blyde, Sessions, Thornley, Shepherd, Tolley and Walch! We are so very blessed with wonderful couples who love the Lord and serve Him faithfully!

Hamilton, Gisborne, Tauranga, Rotorua Missionaries!

Elder Komene on top! Elders Sorenson, Stevenson-Hamano, Hammond, Vaivaka, Rance, Hutchison, Hunt (hiding), Nebeker. Front row, Elders Baraniko, Avea, Sisters Fakatava, Perona, Fonua, Tafolo, and Bush!
Left to right: Elders Reynolds, Drake, Lyman, Guerrero, Purdon, McKinley, Jones, Baraniko, Witt!

Left to right: Elders Petty, Jones, Collett, Hammond, McKinley, Barbic, Rance, Raynolds, Sorenson, Shipley.
Front row: Elders Avea, Vaivaka, Docking, Lyman, Fawson (hiding) and Love.

Sisters' Seminar

Sisters of the world unite! A powerful force for good! From left to right, Sister Taimani, Tonga; Sister Ulu'ave, Utah; Sister Spiller, Brisbane; Sister Selfaison, California; Sister Blomquist, California; Sister Parker, Arizona; Sister Tripple, Idaho and Sister Tu'inukuafe, Melbourne!
Left to right; Sister Perona, Phillipines; Sister Tafolo, Tonga; Sister Fonua, Utah; Sister Bush, Australia; Sister Fakatava, Tonga!
We love them! Aren't they beautiful!

Sister Wolfgramm, Utah (on the left); Sister Mohetau, Tonga!

Back row left to right - Sister Cocker, Tonga; Sister Fangupo, NSW; Sister Fotu, Utah; Sister Taaboia, Kiribati; Sister, Mohetau, Tonga; Sister Lam Cheung, Samoa; Sister Wolfgramm, Utah; Sister Rymar, Queensland; Sister Irobeni, Solomon Islands.
Middle Row - Sister Tofilau, Samoa; Sister Brown, Nevada; Sister Williams, Utah. Front row -Sister Bielecki, Adelaide; Sister Tupuola, Hawaii; Sister Taito, Samoa; Sister Tavita, California!

Our Gentle Giant!

Pour Elder Thornley looks like an elf next to Elder Collett from Idaho! They grow "them potatoes" and those missionaries big in Idaho!
With a shoe size of 18 ---I think you might agree with me!

MOM's who love the blog!

These Elders said that their Mom's love the blog! So naturally, I need to keep my Mom's happy!

I see that Elder Hammond snuck in there twice! She must really love the blog!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Announcment, Announcement, Announcement!!!

We are very pleased to welcome Elder and Sister Walch from Woodland Hills, Utah to our New Zealand Auckland Mission office staff! Elder Walch will be in charge of the mission flats and fleet; Sister Walch will bless us with recording Baptismal records and ordering supplies! They are gems and we are so thrilled to have them!

One more new Elder!

We missed posting this picture of one of our new missionaries:

Elder Brown from Houston, Texas is being trained by Elder Seegmiller from South Jordan, Utah!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Zone Leader Council

Our latest gathering of Zone Leader's and Assistant's to the President: Back row, left to right: Elders Hayes, Larson, Brady Pres. Porter Davenport, Reynolds, Hutchison. Middle row, left to right: Elders Bledsoe, Daley, Lawton, Nebeker, Nelson, Williams, Fawson, Schaumkel. Front row, left to right: Elders Feomaia, Dixon, Fiaui, Taylor,Krauss, Drake. They are doing such a marvelous job!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Welcome to New Missionaries!

It was our great plesure to welcome in missionaries that will strengthen and bless this mission!

Our first stop after picking them up from the aiport was "One Tree Hill" that overlooks the city and provides a 360* view of the mission --it was beautiful even on an overcast wintery early morning! Where there are missionaries, the spirit is warm!

Elder Babcock from Salt Lake City, Utah is being trained by Elder NG from Malaysia!

Sister Ulu'ave from Salt Lake City, Utah will be trained by Sister Taimani from Tonga!

Elder Timoteo from Washington State will be trained by Elder Tauleilei from Samoa!

Elder Gunn from Riverton, Utah will be trained by Elder Larsen from Sandy, Utah!

Elder Loomis from Orem, Utah will be trained by Elder Brown from Kaysville, Utah!

Elder Bresee from Tooele, Utah will be trained by Elder Davidson from Queensland, Australia!

Elder Love from California, will be trained by Elder Fawson from Utah!

Elder Barbic from Oregon, will be trained by Elder Jones from North Carolina!

Elder Sessions from Arizona will be trained by Elder Forsyth from Washington State!

Elder Purdon from New South Wales will be trained by Elder Drake from Utah!
Elder Snow from Utah is being trained by Elder Swift from Canada!

Elder Pre from Melbourne, Australia will serve with Elder Hausianthang of Myanmar!

Sister Irobeni (the first sister from Solomon Islands) will be trained by Sister Rymar from Queensland, Australia!

Elder Rubalcava from Arizona will be trained by Elder Fausau from New South Wales, Australia!

So Hard to Say Goodbye!

What wonderful Elders! Back, left to right: Elders Orullian, Guthrie, Polo, Shumway, Fluckiger. Front, left to right: Elder Barber, Sister and President Porter and Elder Gramlich!
Keep in touch! We love you!