Sunday, September 27, 2009

Temple Trip and Zone Conference!

It truly was as glorious as it looks!
Three days of missionaries flooding the Temple of the Lord!

Receiving the inspiration and power to carry forth with the work of the Lord!

A slice of heaven on earth!
The bus was full and required us to take another van full of missionaries along with us! Left to right: Our new Elder Papalii, Mogalogo, Dixon Sister Spiller, Selfaison, Bielecki, and Chen.

I couldn't resist the beautiful sunset on the ride home!

A little picture as they all gathered---left to right: Elders Rea, Feomaia, Dixon and Brady!

Missionary's deserve their pillow!

Our new Elder Handy is either pondering, deep in thought or totally exhausted!
Elder Gardner and Elder Rubalcava taken a rest in the bus while they can!

Poor Elder Hayes is just wiped out!

The bus ride home!

Happy faces of happy missionaries! Fresh from the temple and Zone Conference, what could be better!?!
Sister Tripple and Sister Tu'inukuafe couldn't fit in the whole bus photo!

Hi MOM! Love you! Don't worry, just pray!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Amazing Young Leaders!

This incredible group of Zone Leaders truly delighted me with their goodness!
I placed them at the bottom of the staircase inside the house and told them that they needed to get to the top of the stairs without touching the stairs, banister, or walls.

Within minutes, they were pushing and lifting one another to the second floor onto the balcony.

One of the remarkable things was that, one Elder suggested an idea to another Elder about doing it another way. When he realized that this way of doing it outside had already been put into action, the Elder said, "No, it wouldn't be unified!"

The most important thing to them was that they did it together! The church is in good hands! These Elders are wonderful instruments in the Lord's hands and he is able to work His miracles through them as they desire to be one!

It's a small, small world!

We are thrilled to welcome missionaries from all over the world in this intake: Left to right, back row, Elders Cunniffe,Edlefsen, Subramanian, Jenkins, Handy, Afoa, Pres. Porter, Robertson, Papalii, Wigginton, Kimball. Front row: Sisters Fotu, Kapalu, George, Porter, Chen, Robertson, Elisaia, Elder Tafiti!
Elder Afoa from Murray, Utah will be trained by Elder Tugaga from Christchurch, New Zealand!

Elder Tafiti from West Valley, Utah is being trained by Elder Tamale from Blenheim, New Zealand!

Elder Cunniffe from Rouse Hill, New South Wales will be trained by Elder Felton from Brisbane, Queensland!

Elder Jenkins from Bountiful, Utah will be trained by Elder MacFarland from Pleasant Grove, Utah!

Elder Handy from Sandy City, Utah is being trained by Elder Yakachil from Koror, Palau!

Elder Subramanian from Hercules, California will be trained by Elder Benard from Syracuse, Utah!
Elder Kimball from Lindsay, California is being trained by Elder DuMont from BelAir, Maryland!
Elder Wigginton from Citrus Heights, California will be trained by Elder Hammond from West Valley, Utah!

Elder Edlefson from Forest Grove, Oregon is being trained by Elder Stevenson-Hamano from Manoora, Queensland!

Elder Papalii from Faasaleleag, Samoa is being trained by Elder Magalogo from Lyman, Wyomin!

Sister Elisaia from Apia, Samoa will be trained by Sister Tavita from Daly City, California!

Sister Chen from Rockdale, New South Wales, but really from Shanghai, China is being trained by Sister Bielecki from Adelaide, Australia!

Sister Kapalu from Port Vila, Vanuatu will be trained by Sister Fonua from Salt Lake City, Utah!

Sister George from New Delhi, India is being trained by Sister Fangupo from Cringila, New South Wales. You've gotta love it!

The worst part of missionary work--saying goodbye!

We had to say goodbye to some wonderful missionaries, whom we have watched grow into powerful men and women! Left to right; Sisters Parker, Blomquist, Taaboia, Porter, President Porter, Elders Fodor, Reese, and Reynolds. Missing from the photo is Sister Lam Cheung whose mother died and she returned just one week prior to this in order to join her family at the funeral! We love and pray for you and your family, Sister Lam Cheung!

When it rains, it pours, blessings from heaven!

A big welcome to our blessing from heaven! This couple only took 4 months! I think the Lord just wants us to need them desperately so that we will really appreciate them, a lot! We are just grateful to have the Robertson's here to serve as the Executive Secretary to the President and Financial couple! Very vital roles to the operation of the office and the well-being of all the missionaries!