Friday, July 23, 2010

Sisters are no longer required to wear hose---

This is what Sister Martinsen thinks about the new hose policy! Hurray!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 2010 Zone Conference!

Whangarei/Kaikohe Zone Conference!
Missionaries love to eat!
Tongan style food!
The feed!
The Elders said that this is eating Tongan style! Some of our Tongan missionaries!
A slice of Tonga and Samoa!
The sisters had to get a piece of the action!
Henderson/Harbour, Mt. Roskill, Manukau/Papatoetoe Zone Conference!
Hamilton Zone Conference!
A few Elders from Hamilton Zone!
Sisters in Hamilton Zone!
Elder Krauss is Sister Kapalu's Zone Leader and she teases him constantly---I believe he could remember this bonding relationship with a sister from Vanuatu for the rest of his life! Of course, Elder Haite and Elder Magleby are trying to get their piece of the picture.
Random photos of Hamilton Zone Conference -Elder Hamann (left) and Elder Battsagaan (right).
The final conference with Tamaki, Manurewa/Papakura Zones, Panmure/Waterview! Talk about a feed! Amazing!
Here is the Halo Family from the Panmure Stake who provided lunch for the missionaries for 2 days of conferences! They were professional, generous, and provided wonderful food!

First Leadership Training - New direction from Missionary Dept.

In accordance with the new missionary schedule from the Missionary Department of the Church, we held our first Leadership Training. This was well received by some wonderfully faithful servants of God! They were able to identify 1/2 page of advantages to the new direction. There will be greater emphasis on improving missionary skills and helping them teach people, not lessons! We are thrilled and have a new set of Preach My Gospel DVD's that are very fun, real, uplifting and instructive! We continue to sharpen our missionary skills!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy 51st Wedding Anniversary!

Elder and Sister Walch (office couple) celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary! This dear couple are still going strong and serving the Lord~ they understand the key to staying young~ serve the Lord!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

An Amazing group of Zone Leaders!

At the end of Zone Leader Council, we were singing, Called to Serve and the Elders in several parts of the circle just began to grab shoulders of the Elder next to him.
It was contagious, and by the end of the song...
All were joined in a group hug~
The feeling of love and unity abound! These are fine Elders!

I just thought it was fun to see what our street looks like on Zone Leader Council day! The neighbors must wonder if we are having a Toyota convention!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our great new intake of Elders and Sisters!

Upon arriving at the airport at 5:45 a.m. and going to One Tree Hill where the clouds parted for just a moment for us to not get rained on, (which was a blessing during rainy season) we stood in the cold and dark of the twinkling lights below to get a 360 view of the mission below!

Here they are in the light of day---the next day, after a good nights sleep!

The New Trainers and Trainees!

Sister Beia will be trained by Sister Selfaison!
Sister Mafi is now just with Sister Nalesoni her trainer!
But the first 3 weeks of her mission she served with Sister Nalesoni and Sister Feao!
Sister Kamal is being trained by Sister Simeon!
Elder Vaolupe will train Elder Shepard!
Elder Leong was with Elder Ng--but is now being trained by Elder Luckhardt who was not at the transfer meeting!
Elder Smith will train Elder Tito!
Elder Greening is training Elder Fafai!

Random Shots from transfer meeting!

If this isn't a testimony of the blessings of a mission for senior couples, I don't know what is! Elder Walch and Elder Robertson think they are 21 years old!
Left to right: Elders Kimball, Baraniko, Mayer, Fuataga, So'oalo!
Elder Pre on the left is the newest Zone Leader being shown the way by Elder Bridenstine (right)!
Left to right: Elders Rea, Greening, Fafai, Witt, Sisters Selfaison, Beia, Chen and Mahas!
Elders Amy and Sorenson attempt to shove the trailer door shut when nothing else works!
Wonderful bonds are forged on missions - Sisters Feao (left), Sister Martinsen is moving out of the VC to the field!
Head 'em up---move 'em out!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goodbye Warriors!

Elders Adams (top right),Elder Fiaui (top left), Elder Hunt (in front of Elder Adams), Elder Berge (in front of Elder Fiaui), Elder Hutchison (in front of Elder Hunt), then I think President and Sister Porter are obvious!
Elder Heimuli had to leave us a few days earlier due to visa issues!
Arohanui---Elders! You are missed!