Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Elder Ramasima-Our Figian Assistant

We have just lost our first assistant, Elder Ramasima! We truly will miss him! He has a laugh and smile we will never forget. We also have a memory of him that we want to remember. We were on our mission tour the first week we arrived and the assistants left us to have trade offs while our family had some time together. We were traveling down the streets of Rotorua in our car and looked over to the side walk and saw Elder Ramasima on a bicycle with an umbrella. It was his first experience with the snow. It was snowing in a place that hadn't had snow for over 15years. Thanks for the memories Elder!!!


snow said...

How cute is this picture? Reminds me of Mary Poppins' entrance in the movie! Anyway, I can't get over the last set of photos we received from our son. There were rainbows, snow on the mountaintops, waterfalls (large and small), seashores, pastures, and areas resembling rainforests. How can all these beautiful blessings from nature be found in one area of one mission? He's in Gisborne and I can't get over all the beautiful scenic photos I've seen of that place!

His pday pictures are more exciting than any vacation photos we've ever taken! No fair!


Snow Jones
Kinston, NC

Colette said...

We laughed when Elder Dinsdale shared this story with us about Elder Ramasima and his first experience with snow. It was fun to finally see the picture that went along with the story! What a great smile!

Colette Dinsdale
Elder Dinsdale's Mom