Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our First Broken Bone!

Elder Drake - Didn't even want to go in to get it X-rayed, his companion insisted he stop walking on it! He is the faithful spirit of our missionaries! Elder Drake was baptized 2 years ago!

Temple Visitor's Center

More Temple trip and Pokeno's!

Bus, Lunch and POKENO"S!

Part of the temple experience is traveling on the bus, packing up lunches to eat around the visitors center----and stopping at POKENO'S for cheap, great ICE CREAM! It is famous in New Zealand and especially with members of the church going to and from the temple! I heard recently that New Zealand consumes more ice cream per capita than any other nation! This would be due to the fact that they make it hear and it is fabulous! They enjoyed every lick!

Bi-Annual Temple Trip

What a wonderful time to visit the temple! Most missionaries were able to participate unless they are serving far north or south of the temple and had to far to travel. It was a great time of year to go to The House of the Lord and feel the spirit and receive the much needed revelation!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great new group of Elder's and Sister's!

On 19 November, we welcomed in a large group of missionaries from Australia, Tonga and America!

Back row from left to right: Elder's Southwick, Benard, Lance, Felton, Rea, DuMont, Grant, Sorensen, and Mahoney. Front row from left to right: Sister's Wolfgramm, Spiller, President and Sister Porter, Tafolo, Tu'inukuafe.

Elder and Sister DuVall and the Tim Tam Awards!

Elder and Sister DuVall give out Tim Tam's (yummy biscuits [cookies] here in New Zealand) for the cleanest flat (apartment) and clean cars!

Goodbye, once again!

The revolving door of a mission has a sad day---saying goodbye to wonderful missionaries who have served the Lord faithfully for 18 months and two years!

Elder's Cottman, McBroom, Hall, Steen, Betero and Sister Maake left with Elder's Atuai and Westphal leaving mid cycle, which means in 3 weeks!

Senior Couples - Elder and Sister DuVall and Elder and Sister Duckworth will also be leaving us soon! Senior couples are such wonderful additions to our mission - how we love them!

Zone Leader Council Training

Here are a few of our Zone Leader's engaged in a little training meeting!

Elder's (left to right) Dinsdale, Hayden-Smith, Ziesel, Zylstra, Bledsoe, Vimahi, Brady.