Friday, August 1, 2008

God is a God of Miracles!

One of our Elders has suffered from boils most of his mission. He was doing all he could and taking the prescribed medications from the doctor with no relief. He didn't feel like coming to the Zone Leaders Council meeting but felt like he should. He could hardly stand and walked in great pain. He came to the meeting and asked President for a blessing. If your son is a zone or district leader or assistant to the president he would have been involved in that blessing. The words of the blessing were that the boils would "heal rapidly." Within two days this Elder was unaffected by his boils and went about his missionary work. Great are the miracles of God, yet none so great as the conversion of a soul to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I recently have been asking the Elders and Sisters what their favorite thing about their mission is. Hands down the answer is seeing the effects of the gospel and the spirit in the lives of the people they have come to love. One told of a motorcyle gang member he had taught that he remarked, "I was scared of him," yet the gospel has changed this big bad biker dude into a lovable teddy bear. If one wants to witness the miracles of God, one need only get involved in missionary work!


Nathan and Sharlynn Heinitz said...

Sister Porter

Thanks so much for sharing that story, Elder Heinitz mentioned it to us, what a great experience. Thanks for starting the blog. We'll check it often.

Nathan and Sharlynn Heinitz
Elder Heinitz's brother and sister in law.

TamiE said...

Thanks for sharing this story. Our son (Elder England) was privileged to be a part of that blessing. He shared the experience in his weekly email and was grateful to see the Priesthood in action in such a direct way. Even though he only has three weeks left in the mission, I will check this blog often. Thanks for starting it Sister Porter! It will be a blessing to all the friends and families of the missionaries in the NZ Auckland mission!

Dave and Tami England

Kathy said...

Sister Porter thank you so much for starting a New Zealand Auckland Mission blog. What a wonderful way to hear more wonderful experiences from the whole mission. Thank you for sharing this story with us. We are so lucky to have the power of the priesthood to bless our lives. Elder Westphal has already learned so much from President Porter in his Zone Leader Council especially about faith. Thank you for your willingness to serve.
Kevin & Kathy Westphal

Bryan & Peggy Davenport said...

We are grateful that our son is serving with you in New Zealand-Auckland.

We know he was called to this mission so that he could be both a blessing and blessed.

I personally believe missionaries are called by inspiration to serve in a particular mission not only because of those he can reach and teach, but to be taught and nurtured by the mission president that is also called to serve there.

Our prayers will be for you as well as for our son and the Lord's work.

mom said...

Kerry- This is Lisa, even if it says Mom- Mel set my account up! I loved this story and the Sunday after you wrote it I printed it and was able to share it with the Gospel Doctrine Class. It was perfect! Hope all is well!