Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He's still got it!

President just had to show some of the Elders that he still had his basketball skills! Preparation day provided the perfect opportunity. He hasn't lost it...well, at least too much at least! I was just grateful he didn't have a heart attack and die on me!
Elders McClain, Zylstra and Brady were kind to him!

Strutting like a peacock over his accomplishment! I know, he needs some real basketball shorts. He didn't think he would have a chance to play!

Elder and Sister Brasher join our ranks!

Elder and Sister Brasher have been called to assist the Mission Training Center here in New Zealand. Get this---they served in the Toronto Mission with President and Sister Callister (on theleft) a short time ago and are back to contribute to missionary work once again! This work is contagious! Once you catch the bug, you never want to stop! We are thrilled to have the Brasher's!

Yes, Four Assistants for a short time!

Elders Gramlich, Robison, Dixon and Tonumaipe'a for a short time are all serving as assistant's. Elder Tonumaipe'a has special assignment with the language missionaries for one transfer; Elder Robison is going to work as a Zone Leader after being in the office for 3 or 4 transfers; Elder Dixon remains with us and Elder Gramlich joins him as his companion. We are grateful for all these fine Elders faithful service!
And the are still baptizing as well! Now those are great Assistant's!

Farewell to Dear Friends and Fellow Missionaries!

Elder and Sister Mackay have to leave us 3 months early for surgery on Elder Mackay's knee. We were already one couple missionary short in the office because our assigned couple has had complications since November and haven't arrived yet! The Mackay's were doing both couples responsibilities! A Big Thank You goes to the Mackay's for a job well done!
Arrive---the angels who have been sent from heaven above to help us while we have no permanent missionary couples in the office!
They come completely capable and know the right people to get the job done right after having already served a mission in the Area Office. Both widowed, Elder Shepherd shared the gospel with Sister Shepherd and she embraced the it and him! They married and of Sister Shepherd's 15 years as a member of the church, 10 of those years have been serving missions! Special thanks for willing and able warriors ready to serve the Lord whenever and wherever He needs them! We love the Shepherd's!

Sister Tripple is a gentle giant of a woman! She chose to serve a full time mission after her husband passed away. She is so valiant! She did such a wonderful job as a proselyting Sister and now we are putting her financial skills to work in the office to get us through this time! Thank you Sister Tripple and the super supportive family and friends that are cheering her on!

Sister Tiatia and Tafolo are full-time proselyting sisters who have been called into the office on assignment to help us through this as well. They input baptisms, track media campaign referrals and answer phones and take process the mail! We couldn't do it without them. Thank you Sisters! How grateful we are for their smiles and cheery voices!
Wow, if couples only knew how valuable and needed they are to help the Lord's work progress! What a blessing the Lord's work is in their lives and the lives of their children at home!

Monday, March 30, 2009

If you believe things come in threes---try this one on!

This is Sister Fonua! She is adorable I know, but she had a little heart issue and needed to be checked out!....then Elder Hamann, who was waiting to be checked out by a specialist for a torn ACL (playing "touch" on Preparation day) came down with a blood clot and went to the hospital!...then Elder Mackay from the office was having a fever and knee pain in his artificial knee and it was determined that he needs a replacement and would need to go home early for surgery! There you have it---evidence, that in this instance, it really did come in threes!

So sorry about the other pictures, that I took on a mobile phone which were unfortunately not samed correctly!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Senior In-field Training!

After a lovely morning in the temple, "the Lord's University" and lunch, we traveled to Te Waihou Springs!

Just a 5 minute walk got us here at the stream!

At the top center is the source of the natural spring where it can fill an olympic size pool in 12 minutes!

In this setting we were taught about the "living water" - Christ! and

Then, President and Sister Callister of the Area Presidency taught us about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
It was a wonderful day~

President and Sister Hillbig Mission Tour!

Our sisters in Hamilton once again reminded us to "love the people"

Elder Barber and Elder DuMont "love their companion."

We all "love the Lord!"

We also love the Hillbig's!

What a blessing they were to all our missionaries!

They provided some wonderful training!

Isn't she so pretty?!!
We were fortunate enough to have President and Sister Hillbig touring our mission!

They are wonderful servants of the Lord and examples to our missionaries!

Elder Shumway and Elder Fawson
Sister Fonua and Sister Porter