Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Mission Conference!

The Halo Family presented quite a beautiful and delicious lunch for our Christmas Mission Conference!
We were blessed to have President and Sister Callister with us! They enlightened us about the beauty and magesty of the Atonement!
They are such a blessing to the Pacific Area!
I am afraid that this is a bit of a "finding waldo"---in this event---find your missionary!

We began our lunch program with a performance from the Aussies!
They sang Jingle Bells--Aussie style!
Very unique!
Gotta love those Aussies!
Next performance was from the Samoans!
Wow! Now the Samoans have "Got Talent!"
Who would have thought that Elder Tia could lead a group and sing a solo so amazingly! Hidden talent!
Bravo Samoans!
Now enters the Tongans!
With another fabulous performance, Tongan style!
Fo Lo Fo La is one of my favorite Tongan hymns! What a treat!
Then came the flavor at the end---
a bit of a HAKA!
All the missionaries received packages from Santa's elves! Elders White, Cushing, Jeppesen and Walker were pretty excited! It was a great conference---having the mission together was a powerful experience and the Spirit was strong!

A great new group!

It was a wonderful and large intake and we are thrilled to have them!
Elder Jibas will be trained by Elder Snow!
Elder Huang is training Elder Stewart!
I just included this one of Sister Naidu (new missionary) and Sister Kamal because I think it is wonderful that we are getting missionaries of Indian descent because of our rising Indian population here in New Zealand! They are everywhere---God knows and sends them missionaries to teach them also---we now have three Sisters of Indian descent, Sister George is missing from this picture!
Elder Thomas is being trained by Elder Heslop!
Elder Andros will train Elder Russo!
Sister Nalesoni will train Sister Funaki!
Sister Pasiaka is being trained by two Sisters--Alatini and Feao!
Sister Vea will be trained by Sister Mafi!
Elder Desmarias is being trained by Elder Chandler!
Sister Joost will be trained by Sister Mahas!
Elder Tham will train Elder Tautuiaki!
Elder Russell will be trained by Elder Kitchen!
Sister Naidu is being trained by Sister Kapalu!
Sister Clark will be trained by Sister Shumway!

Our loss is your gain!

Unfortunately, even at this time of year we have to say goodbye, so that you can have your sons and daughters with you this Christmas! Left to right: Sisters Fotu and Ulu'ave, Sister and President Porter and Elder Burr! We didn't get a photo of Elder Larsen who left a few days earlier so that he and his brother could be together for a few days before his brother left on his mission to Mexico! Oh, missions are so amazing! I just must include that in our final testimony two of these missionaries said something similar that had a lasting impact on me! One said, "I know God and Jesus Christ so much better than I did 18 months ago!" (Sorry, that kind of gives you more of a clue about who it might be, doesn't it!) Another said, "The real miracle was getting to know Heavenly Father!" How much would parents pay to have their child have this experience----missions are priceless! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in all their wisdom and knowledge and mercy allow us to think that we are sacrificing, when in reality, we come out receiving the greater reward! God is GREAT!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sisters' Training!

President often says "Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman!" Wacky or not---they know how to get it done!
Our Sisters are certainly no exception--they are a blessing to this mission in a big way!
We love these Sisters, everyone is unique and wonderful!

We're Dreaming of a White Christmas!

Mission Leadership!
All Zone Leaders and District Leaders!
We invite all to have a white christmas!
Baptism is the best gift!