Saturday, January 29, 2011

We are losing the Brasher's!

The Brasher's are a special couple that we adopted from the new MTC when they moved up to Manukau! They have been a blessing in our mission working with the Elders and Sisters to improve their teaching skills! The Elders and Sisters have loved them as much as they have loved the missionaries! Thank you Elder and Sister Brasher----how we will miss you!

January 2011 Incoming Missionaries!

I call this intake the "United Nations" intake! We have missionaries from Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Botswana, Africa, Mainland China, Figi, Australia and America! We are a global mission of miracles!
Elder Whaanga will train Elder Hibbard!
Elder Rangi will be trained by Elder Trainor! Get the name tag---there was a misspelling on his original name tag so he kept it!
Elder Tomasi will be trained by Elder Chandler!
Elder Devey is training Elder Espino!
Elder Haight is to train Elder Alejandro!
Elder Beecher will be trained by Elder Eckery!
Elder Dyumthi is being trained by Elder Spicer!
Elder Brown will train Elder Jensen!
Elder Toka is being trained by Elder Atkin!
Elder Jeppesen will train Elder Singh!
Elder Moody is training Elder Inglis!
One Tree Hill was a unique experience where the Elders got some real mission experience with a man who didn't like Mormons and was bold about his opinion! They realized they weren't in the MTC anymore!

It was a beautiful day as Elder Ji entered the temple for the first time! He arrived from Mainland China direct to the mission because his government would not let him go to both Provo MTC to learn English as well as going to New Zealand. He joined the church 18 months ago and had a branch of 5 who he loved and they loved him! At 25 years old, he faithfully followed the call of the Lord to serve a mission! The New Zealand Auckland Mission is blessed to have such a faithful missionary!
Just out the door of the temple! Elder Ji is next to me with Elder Walk his trainer and Alan, supportive member who just got married 2 days prior!
What an amazing day!
When asked how he felt, he said, "Peace and Happy!"

Losing almost 10% of the mission in one out take!

Three Elders from Gisborne required a trailer in the middle of a major storm and roads closed to get them up to Auckland!
The normally 8 hour trip took 12 hours to make! Even the Lord's cars are tough!
Reunion of the Collett family! Elder Collett gives his father a hug but doesn't recognize his mother--while he was serving she lost 170 lbs. You go girl!
Elder Collett was not expecting his younger brother to come along with his parents!
The biggest surprise was that his younger brother was also expecting his mission call any day now. Our Elder Collett didn't even know he was planning to serve!
What a reunion!
The Collett family!
The Andros family is reunited! Actually, they picked him up in Tauranga and brought him up to the mission home!
The Petty family comes from Christchurch to pick up Elder Petty!
A stalwart Elder from a great family!
All of these missionaries represent almost 10% of our mission lost in a single transfer! This was a tough one! We love you!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Elder and Sister Bednar, Bishop and Sister Edgley and President and Sister Callister visit with some NZAM missionaries! Just the missionaries serving close by the city of Auckland were able to attend which was a bit sad after having the opportunity twice recently to get all together, so the one's missing were truly missed! The message was enlightening and strengthening for all, we were grateful to have a member of the Quorum of the Twelve here for us to learn at his feet. Bishop Edgley and his wife were a treat and the Callister's are on the top of our list---truly an amazing and inspiring occasion!
Elder Bednar is always very kind to the youth. Our youngest son was the beneficiary this time!

Basketball---the only true sport according to President!

How many missionaries does it take to guard the President?
He's still got it!
You go President!
Missionaries are still men!
Elders Cline, Handy, Davidson, Sevey and Aldridge take on the President at the true sport!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random pictures from Interviews!

Left to right: Elders Watson, Ales, Love, Moss, Magleby, Whitrod, Tugaga, Mutton, Allsop and Tia!
Elder Ales and President Porter!
Left to right: Elders Webb, Smith, Fakahau, Sheperd, Tito, Abegg, Babcock, Belk and Sisters Funaki and Nalesoni!
Sister Sitthidamrong watches Sister Chen play her violin at a baptism!
Sister Chen is wonderful at playing the violin, she is able to bless the baptisms of her investigators by playing a medley of church hymns while people are changing!
Sisters Martinsen and Hohaia and Elders Davis and Battsagaan!
Sisters Mahas and Joost and Elders Havea and Porter!
Elders Edlefson, Spicer, Manu, and Rehak! Weighing in!
Elders Devey and Baraniko! You can almost see the marks on Elder Baraniko's arms from the cast (just removed) from his DOUBLE BROKEN ARMS! He had one in a cast and one in a sling! How is that for a bike accident with style!
Elders Nelson, Wigginton, Penaia, and Tufuga!
Elders Hussain, Hoko, Mataele and Moody!
Sisters Avauli, Masoe and Elders Huang, Stewart, Tonga (getting a hiding from President Porter; not really), Palaiti, Tokelau and Parry!
Elders Cook and Jenkins!
Elders Love, Falepapalangi, Finau and Fafai!
Elders Jibas, Snow, Sateki, Gardner and Papalii!
Elders Sateki, our son David, and Elder Filimaua! David is getting a love sandwich!
President is having a special moment with Elder Gardner!
He is reading his recently received "Dear John!"
Not much sympathy, more of delight!
Elders Saunders, Afa, Naicker, Russell, Eckery and Kitchen!
Sisters Engebretsen, Kamal, Elders Gonda, Seauga, Andros, Russo, Sessions and Nipko!
Elders Belmap, Whaanga, Rance, Sisters Irobeni, Elder Ward, Sister George, Elders Everett, Loomis and Gunn!
Sister Irobeni---now that is a story---first sister from the Solomon Islands! Never rode a bike in her life!
Now she is loving it!
Watch out Solomon Islands, Sister Irobeni is one powerhouse missionary now!
She is keeping up with everyone!
Elders Fakai, Petty, Afoa, Curtis, Jeppesen, Huang, Brown and Hamann!
Sisters Hafoka, Tanuvasa, Lauritzen, Jones, Us!, Elders Luckhardt, Beckstead, Sorensen and Mayer!