Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wonderful Temple Trip as part of Zone Conference!

Several Zones combine to attend the New Zealand Temple as part of Zone Conference! Sister Bush, Elder Heinitz and Sister Tu'inukuafe are the most visible. We all head down in a bus together! The temple was great--it was even sunny in Hamilton!

Left- Elder Preston, Elder Fakai and Elder Frew!

Elder Loertscher in the foreground --

Elder Frew got a few stitches after a preparation day friendly basketball game---his eye caught an elbow mid air! (Elder Rocky Balboa!)

Even Elders have to sleep sometime!

Back to front we have Elders Magalogo and Taulalei; Sisters Williams, Bielecki, Spiller and Elder Daley!

Elders Fodor (left) and Sherwood - some of our Chinese Elders

Elders Ng and Tham---more of our Chinese Elders!

Elder Heinitz thought his suit jacket inside out created a new fashion statement!

Sisters Tupuola, Parker, Cocker and Brown were our Samoan songbirds on the trip home! Hymns in Samoan are the best!

The joys of missionary work!

Elders Lyman and Forsyth are enjoying the "true joy" of seeing the Vunipola family united in church activity. The parents were less active and the children not baptized, now all soon will be coming to church as a family unit!

We truly miss Elder Nelson!

Elder Nelson (on the left) with his last companion, Elder Bledsoe. Elder Nelson spent almost all of his year of service on his knees. After two failed surgeries he was still in pain. We had to send Elder Nelson home for a repair surgery but he has been an incredible example to this mission of the dedication and sacrifice he was willing to make in order to serve His Father in Heaven and His Savior with all of his heart, might, mind and strength! On his final day--- he ran into President Baxter -Pacific Area Presient (far left) in the mission office---a tender mercy!

We are hoping and praying that Elder Nelson is reassigned to our mission! He served as a Zone Leader and we would love to see what he could do standing and pain free in the Lord's service!
We love you Elder Nelson!

Zone Leader Council

This transfers Zone Leader Council included our District Leaders and incorporated some experiential team building events at a local Scout Camp.
Elders Bledsoe, Williams, Nelson, Shumway and Feomaia were to stay on the tires and board and progress to the end of the field before the other teams.
It looked like they had a decent system, they were just laging behind.

Yes, I think these Elders are trying to tell us that they were successful at their task. (Elders Guthrie, Taylor, Seegmiller, Fawson and Frew--left to right)

I do believe that Elders Orullian, Robison, Ale, Fiaui and DuMont are telling us that they also were successful! Elder Robison certainly knows his New Zealand Haka!

Elders Brady, Larson, Nebeker, Stuart, Cunningham and Davenport attempt the team building skill of getting the skis across the field together, before the other team.
They did a decent job of it!
Elders Schaumkel, Dixon, Hutchison, Drake, Magologo and Auapa'au are having a difficult time getting their act together.

Each Elder found their own wood to stoke the fire!

The wood represented something they were going to focus on in order to keep the fire with them through the upcoming winter season here in New Zealand!

The fire of the covenant and the warmth of the spirit rages through the winter weather!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Singin' in the Rain!

Immediately following transfer meeting, the heavens dumped upon us! Elder Daley, our drama King, reacts to the madness!
Elder Bridge is not swayed by the wet or cold!

Anyone out there is soaked!

Elder Hutchinson is packing up the luggage and bikes---Elders Cunningham, Long and King are taking it in stride!

Elder Krauss is prepared with his rain coat---aren't you glad you sent that with him! Elder Bridge is on the move!

Sister Tafolo takes cover!
Elder Dixon considers it an exciting adventure!

The new Sister companionships are making their own warmth!

Elder Brady loads the trunk while Elders Hunter and Bridge bring over their wet luggage!

President says, "When ye are prepared, ye shall not fear!"

Welcome to 5 New Missionaries!

How wonderful to receive these wonderful missionaries--it was funny to have all three of the Sisters reaching about 5 feet tall (1.3 meters)! They felt a warm kinship between them. Their first night they were up and ready to go at 3:00 a.m. with their bags packed for pick up. When they came knocking on the Elders room and got no response they realized their clock was set on another country's time and went back to bed!

One Tree Hill was very cold and windy!

The sheep were taking over the hill that day! There are suppose to be more sheep than people in New Zealand!

Our Trainers!

Sister Fonua will train Sister Simeon from Papua New Guinea!

Sister Louder will train Sister Perona from the Philippines!
Sister Taaboia will train Sister Selfaison from California, but she also claims Hawaii as home!

Elder Taylor will be training Elder McKinley from Perth, Australia!

Elder Fawson will train Elder Eckery from Wellington, New Zealand---who is actually an American!

Reality strikes again! We have to say goodbye :(

We reluctantly send off, (left to right) Elders Fowler, Wihongi, Nagano, Ross and Sister Tiatia. The old folks on the right are us!

Elder Nagano must pass on the mobile phone to Elder Polo! A bit of a tug of war.

The Fowler family is reunited! One happy and proud group!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Apostle Speaks!

The New Zealand Auckland Mission was fortunate enough to have Elder Richard G. Scott come and lift the missionaries for 4 hours on 30 April 2009! It was a spiritual feast! Your missionaries may have told you about it. Not all the mission was allowed to come because of distances in the mission. I wasn't able to provide any pictures because everything was done inside the chapel, however, I wanted to share with you the Apostolic blessing that was pronounced upon your sons and daughters-including every missionary within the mission.

Elder Richard G. Scott’s Apostolic Blessing on NZAM:
“As you ponder and try to understand who the Savior is during your mission, you will understand him more fully and it will be the foundation of your life. For those of you who are mastering another language I invoke a blessing of the gift of tongues. You exercise that gift with faith. After today you should find a greater ability to learn and communicate in an acquired tongue. What would I have you remember from our experience together, just one thing, an individual—insignificant and not very strong or capable but with the mantle and keys of an apostle said to you:
‘I positively know and bear witness that Jesus Christ lives. He is a glorified resurrected being of perfect love. He personally guides this church. And I accept responsibility before my Father in Heaven for what I say for it is true. His Son lives!’”