Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Relay with Zone Leader Council!

Right before lunch, we took the missionaries attending the Zone Leader Council to the garage for the Porter Family Halloween Relay! Halloween is not celebrated in New Zealand for the most part---which is a good thing---but we thought we would share a bit of a family tradition with our missionaries. A Halloween Relay goes like this: Two teams, same bags with items marked on the outside (e.g., Bat wings (beef jerky), Cat's heart (a whole tomato), Werewolf brains (spagetti), I think you get the picture). Inside is the contents in a plastic zip loc. When the relay begins, each participant eats the contents of their bag as fast as they can before the next one can begin eating his. The first side done is the winner!
Two Australians are neck to neck eating Maggots (bran) and from the looks of things, Elder Davidson and Elder Dixon are fairly equally matched!

Oh, Elder Taylor, how bad can it be---that Rotting flesh is only Dates!

Come on Elder Ale, that Rat Dung is only Chocolate covered raisins---it can't be that bad!

I wonder if he will think about this experience years from now, when he is feeding his baby, banana baby food, and thinking that he had to eat it in a Halloween relay with the idea that it was PUSS! He may need psychological help with this one!

They did it---the relay was won by the team on the left and they are all still smiling! Another successful Halloween Relay recorded for posterity!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen,Adieu!

Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you!!!
Or perhaps Kia Ora or Tofa or Alua would be more appropriate for us here! Nevertheless, we will miss you all! We love you!
Back to front: President Porter, Elders Vivaka, Larson, Smith, Schaumkel, Forsyth, Tamale, Sisters Bush, Porter, Bielecki and Tripple-our last of her kind, senior proselyting missionary!

Wonderful new group of the Lord's missionaries!

Back row, left to right: Elders Neville, Smith, Curtis, Atkin, Porter, President Porter, Tonga, Mataele, Davis, Hoko. Front row, left to right: Elders Su'a, Cooper, Aldridge, Heslop, Manning, Sister Siilata, Sister Porter, Elders Gardner, Jenkins, Molisi. What a great group!

Our New Missionaries!

I didn't get a picture of Elder Davis with his new trainer, Elder Jones, except in a car leaving the parking lot after transfers!
Elder Aldridge will be trained by Elder Guerrero, but somehow I didn't get his picture taken with them---I had 18 to get and some of them got lost in the massive shuffle that is transfers!
Elder Molisi is being trained by Elder Samani who wasn't at the transfers!
These Elders are adding great strength to the mission!

And Our Trainers Are!!!!

Elder Atkin will be trained by Elder Komene!

Elder Smith is being trained by Elder Fawson!

Elder Heslop will be trained by Elder Stucki!

Elder Cooper will be trained by Elder Adams!

Elder Neville is being trained by Elder Belk~!

Elder Porter---no relation---will be trained by Elder Sevey!

Elder Manning will be trained by Elder Burr!
Sister Siilata is being trained by Sister Taito!

Elder Hoko will be trained by Elder MacFarland!

Elder Tonga will be trained by Elder Tau!
Elder Mataele is being trained by Elder Kakau!

Our new Chinese speaking Elder, Elder Curtis will be trained by Elder Sherwood!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Elder Su'a will be trained by Elder Whitrod, both from Australia!

Elder Otuafi will train Elder Gardner in the Tongan program!

Elder Jenkins will be trained by Elder Frew!

Random shots from Transfers!

Missionaries from Samoa, America, and China! We love them all!
America and Australia are represented here!

Australia and America here as well, but Elder Faasau is looking like a true Maori!

The fleet rolls out after transfers!

Elder Moody is ready to go!
Our new Elder Davis, Elder Jones, and Sister Taito, I am just not sure who is in the back seat.

Ready to roll!

Head them up, moved them out!

At least I can tell this is Elder Hayes and Daley!

Magnetic Twins!

Anywhere there is Elder Sevey, there will Elder Brown be---they entered the mission in the same transfer and I think they have bonded for life.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are going to go through it together!

Safest bike in the mission!

I do believe that Elder Alalatoa has created the safest bike in the mission!

Hey, Daddy Love!

Elder Love wants his Dad to know that he got the flip flops or jandles, however you call them, he sent to him from Peru! Now these people are ingenious, they make these shoes out of old tires---take note people, we all may be doing this very soon!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The wonderful saints of Niue!

These are some of the saints on the island of Niue in which there are two branches and 2 missionaries from New Zealand Auckland Mission serving!
Wilson is the newest member of the church in Niue!

Fena was one of Niue's first member's; as well as President Watch!

Sisters Liumaehetau, Vika, Taopo, Mangaoa, and Morissey share a modern dance with the granddaughters!

President and Sister Porter, Sister and President Watch, Elders Witt and Fanguna serve the people of Niue!

Niuean Primary children!