Saturday, September 20, 2008

Three of our Four Zone Conferences

Yes, we do live! This is how missionary work goes. Sometimes you have a few minutes to update the blog and then you won't get another minute for 3 weeks---sorry, for those who would love to see more on a daily basis.

We have been having Zone Conferences and Interview weeks. Since you probably don't even know which Zone your son or daughter serves in I won't bore you with the details. I only got three of our four zones. We were in a hurry at one zone and just opted for the mass group shot. The second one we got a nice formal shot and the last we only could get one as they were eating lunch. We had to eat in the breezeway because the gymnasium was full of balloons for a dance that evening. I didn't think balloons and 50 missionaries would mix very well, so we took the next best option. I have learned that a mission is all about being flexible!
Your missionaries have been doing very well striving to understand faith as a principle of power.
Last month they saw many miracles happen in their work and the baptisms doubled from the month previous.
An exciting thing happened to one of our new missionaries. Last year Elder Ballard promised the missionaries that if they would contact 70 people per week their baptisms would double. One new missionary was struggling with contacting all together, they contacted 38 for an entire week; he went on a trade off with one of the assistants and they exercised faith as a principle of power, and he was able to understand and see what it was all about. I saw him on Friday and he was smiling from ear to ear---his companionship has contacted 120+ in one week and when I spoke to him on Friday, they were already at 74 for that week. He is on fire!


Kathy said...

Thank you so much for the update on the mission blog. I know that you are SO busy but I have really missed your blog. I love and appreciate any time you have to update the blog. You are AWESOME!!!

Colette said...

I love hearing these faith-inspiring stories! Thank you for watching over our missionaries as they serve our Father in Heaven and the people of New Zealand. I hope you know how much they love and respect you and President Porter!

Colette Dinsdale
Elder Dinsdale's Mom

shelli said...

Thank you for the formal zone picture.It was nice to see my son sitting on the front row. He sent a picture cd of scenery and other missionaries last Christmas, but that is the first picture of Elder Davis, that we have seen in 18 months.

Dean said...

Great picture of the Zone. It is helpful for us as parents to see that our son is serving with such a great group of missionaries - all so neat and happy.
We just realised that this blog existed - wonderful idea.
parents of Elder Docking

Scott said...