Friday, February 20, 2009

Marveling at His miracles!

I count it a blessing that I am witness to so many miracles of God while here serving Him. One that is repeated over and over again is when He helps one of His missionaries “blossom like a rose.” Within the last couple months 2 of our sister missionaries have stood out in this area to me. Both could not even look you in the eye comfortably, let alone carry on a conversation with you. At our testimony meeting the first day of the mission, they could barely stand and speak audibly. As I was out among them this week, I was between a delighted smile and shedding a tear as I watched one now as a senior companion conversing with priesthood leaders and investigators alike with boldness and confidence. Another looks everyone in the eye and greets them with a beautiful welcoming smile and warm handshake, and this is after just months of being in the field. I marvel at God’s handiwork, we being the most glorious of it all!
This is why you send out your child and he returns to you a man! When, through the power of the atonement, the Lord makes our weak things strong, isn’t that a miracle?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One big happy family!

I will simply list the names instead of trying to identify what row they are on! I think you would agree that is best! Elders Andros, Brown, Burr, Collett, Davidson, Fukofuka brothers (yes, we have two brothers-visa waiters-going to Australia missions),
Hammond, Happel, Kelemete (visa waiter for PNG), Larsen, Long, Malungahu, Millward, Petty, Preston, Rance, Rezel, Sevey, Shipley, Sua, Tham, Watson, Whitrod. Then, Sisters Porter (our daughter, who will be serving one transfer), and Tofilau!

Here they come--the biggest intake we've had!!!

We got them all in our new office! Hurray!

We got them all in a photo at One Tree Hill even though it was a foggy day and we couldn't see much of the city at all!

Lugguage was just one of the logistical nightmares!

But everyone handled things beautifully and we didn't even lose any of it!

They even look happy feeling like cattle!

Huge amount of outgoing missionaries!

From left to right: Elders Tuarihiinoa, Keket, Hogle, Vailea, Soelberg, Franco, Linger, Johnson, Manscill, Thrush, Dinsdale. Sisters Togaga'e, Robinson, Pua, Toleafoa, Tovale, Pau'u. I think you know by now who is President and Sister Porter. A great group! Thanks for your service and for the memories!

Goodbye, to heaps of wonderful missionaries!

Elder Dixon (our new assistant), Elders Johnson, Soelberg, Tonumaipe'a (assistant) and Sisters Robinson, Pua, and Togaga'e, enjoy the Otai the day they leave the field.

Sisters Robinson, Pua, and Togaga'e made some Otai before heading home. A wonderful Tongan drink made of watermelon, milk, sugar and pineapple. It was delicious and they got to wear the mission aprons!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Missionary Photos!

Sister Bielecki and Sister Fakatava
Elders McClain, Lance and Williams,Lawton, Auapa'au, Tonumaipe'a

Elders Taylor, McMillan (he will kill me for including this one) Robison, Krauss, Sister Tripple

Sisters Taito, Wolfgramm, Taboia, Pau'u, Mohetau

Sisters Fakatava, Bielecki, Tripple

New Zealand Temple Lights 2008

" Holiness to the Lord"

This is the temple visitors center!

New Zealand Temple

A friend just shared some pictures of the temple that I thought were breathtaking and thought I would share with you!

As Ammon served, so they serve!

As in Alma 17:25-29, in which Ammon chose to serve King Lamoni, so Elders Hayden-Smith, Watkins, Schaumkel, Ma'a, Ale, and Fiaui pulled out the reeds in the swamp at the Howick House here in Auckland, New Zealand. Over 50,000 missionaries show forth their good works weekly all over the world in like manner! Thank you Elders and Sisters!