Saturday, August 16, 2008

Elder Cook's Mission Tour

Elder Quentin L. Cook (Quorum of the Twelve); President Jay E. Jensen (Presidency of the Seventy); President David S.Baxter (Seventy and Pacific Area Presidency); President Keith K. Hilbig (Seventy and Pacific Area Presidency); President Tad R. Callister (Seventy and Pacific Area Presidency)
We had a wonderful Friday full of the spirit, being instructed by men of God. We had two meetings. Half the mission at one sight at a new chapel on Ferguson Road in Auckland, and then had the other half of the mission down in Hamilton. Each missionary was able to shake the hands of 5 general authorities of the church in one meeting. It was a day to remember! We were not permitted to get a picture so we did the next best thing and are posting who was there.


snow said...

How exciting and humbling all in the same breath! Was there a central theme to their message? I hope our son will share that with us today in his email home.

Hope all is well in the "land of the long white cloud" for you and your family. I'd love to hear your first impression of the land and people someday. We moms obviously have a different "take" on things from our children.

Thanks for all you do Sister,

Snow Jones
Kinston, NC

Kathy said...

What a wonderful experience for all the missionaries to meet these spiritual giants and to feel of their love for the gospel. I really apperciate all your efforts in doing this wonderful blog.

Elder Westphal's Mom
South Jordan, Utah

Kiwa Nana or Papa said...

Oh, I can't tell you how wonderful I felt at that meeting. First of all the Elders and Sisters looked fantastic. They were there a half hour early preparing for the meeting. There was such a spirit of love and reverance when the General Authorities walked in. The missionaries had been standing for about 8 minutes before they actually came in. During that time Pres. Porter had come in and said in his quiet exuberance to the group that he loved them all. Then when the brethern walked in it was so very sweet. When they each had their turn to address the missionaries they went right down into the group and got them involved. You could tell they all truely loved them and the work they were engaged in. They were like on fire with their messages for them. I took many pages of notes and was excited to write them up for my missionary in Taipei. What an honor it is for me to be around and serve with your sons and daughters in the NZAM. Sister Langford (church service missionary in the office)

snow said...

Sis. Langford,

Thank you so much for sharing your feelings and impressions during the meeting. I almost felt as though I were there too for a moment. Our sons and daughters are experiencing something we as parents could never give them in a million years.

Each day I realize more how priceless a gift a mission is and how I pray that my son cherishes each moment. It is clear that you are enjoying this precious opportunity. Thanks again for your sweet comments.


Snow Jones
Kinston, NC

Mom to Elder Trent Jones 2/2010