Friday, February 25, 2011

Our latest couple--the Nelson's!

A big NZAM Haere Mai to Elder and Sister Nelson from San Luis Obispo, California! They will be serving in the office taking the place of the Walch's who have served NZAM so faithfully! God bless great Senior Missionary Couples! They are invaluable to building the Kingdom of God!

Anybody wonder what NZAM is up to----we're BAPTIZING!!!

Here is the latest Tamaki Stake Baptism in which Elders Utai, Papalii, Petty, Bake, Afoa, Kaufusi, Stucki and Mutton, along with Sisters Alatini and Pasiaka are looking quite happy! This is what I imagine the que to heaven looking like! All dressed in white, lead by angels! This was the happiest family--Crystal and Matt Coates and Theodore Tavete all were baptised and confirmed and then came to the "Come and See" fireside that Sunday night with the biggest smiles ever! Gloriously happy to be entering in at the strait gate!
These adorable young women are the Fetu Sisters who sang "Ye Elders of Israel" at the baptism! It was so beautiful I had to have them sing it again so I could record it for all to hear! They have just made a CD--they are that good!

Monday, February 21, 2011

We are well enough!

Just wanted to put out a shout to all who are worried about your missionaries that all is well! We here in Auckland have not even felt tremors! Cease you concern about us! Our prayers are with the good people of Christchurch!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A heartwarming scene!

Today, I was on my way to some of the Sisters flat and saw two of our Elders on their way to an appointment! I was so touched by their faithfulness and so I followed them without them even knowing for several blocks!
I then caught up with them and told them I was stalking them and caught a picture of Elder Falapapalangi and Elder Battsagaan!
With these Elders having 8 or 9 souls to be saved this month--it reminded me of what one of our dear prophets Spencer W. Kimball said:
“If only you could see the vision as I have, I wish I had your bodies to do the mission work, I would run to every house to teach the gospel and when I could no longer run then I would walk, and when I could no longer walk, I would crawl on my knees, and after my knees were so bloody that I could not use them, I would use my arms to drag myself, and once every muscle in my body was gone I would begin to yell! Oh that you could see the vision that I have."
We are about a great work!! Bless you faithful Elders! WE LOVE YOU!!!

February Specialized Training!

President and Sister Porter played a dirty trick for Specialized Training this month--we decided to give the mission a bit of a wake up call and call on a few missionaries at 8:00 a.m. for companionship study without warning!
Elders Kauhenga and Vaolupe were the first lucky ones to receive us! It ended up being a wonderful experience as we studied and talked about the Atonement with them!
Elder s Faka'i and Fafai were our next victims (I mean lucky recipients) and we had a great experience having them give us the lesson they were planning to give their "golden investigators" that very night!
We also spent time going on tradeoffs with some of the missionaries to teach with them. In one night I was blessed to teach with Sisters Siilata, Alatini, Pasiaka and Teaupa! Strong spirit and wonderful teachers!
Elders Fillimaua and Fuataga were next for the early morning call! They were able to practice teaching us the Atonement!
We caught one companionship on a tradeoff. Elder Seuga was with his district leader, Elder Jenkins! They too were able to teach us about the Atonement!
Funny thing happened as a result of the tradeoff--Elder Love (Elder Seuga's companion) had the key--therefore, they ended up having to crawl in and out of the window for half the day!
I was blessed to have an incredible experience teaching with Sister Chen and Sister Feao!
Sister Jones and Sister Sitthidamrong looked so adorable that I just had to post them on their bikes! They are wonderful teachers as well!
Even without the gift of tongues it is a pleasure to listen to Sisters Auva'a and Fu'e teach in Samoan--they carry such a wonderful spirit! We left our experiences saying, "We need to do more of this!" Just a warning for the rest of the missionaries! Good times ahead!

New Stake President in Tamaki Stake!

President Arthur did an absolutely fabulous job as the Stake President of the Tamaki Stake for 9 years and now will be able to have a bit more time to spend with his grandchild, shown here in the picture with he and his lovely wife, Lisa.
President Pulu was President Arthur's first counselor and has been chosen by the Lord to lead the Tamaki Stake for the next era--go Tamaki Stake! Thank you and best wishes to the Pulu family!

Senior Couples are dropping like flies around here!

So sorry to say that Elder and Sister Hillborne are leaving us shortly--but they are leaving for the best reason, they will be going on another mission to the Marshall Islands! Congratulations Hillborne's and best wishes and a huge thank you from NZAM for all you have done for this mission from flat inspection, to hand holding, to being the best landlord, to getting us access to the scout camp, to repairing flats, to being some of the best examples ever on serving with the right attitude! Love you both!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Match your Message" Fashion Show!

At our last Zone Leader Council we realized that there were some fashions creeping into the mission that doesn't match the magestic message we bring----so, it was determined that we would put on a "Match your Message" Fashion Show at lunchtime for Leadership Training the next day to help the leaders of the mission be aware of what is appropriate and what is not! Here are our models:
Elder Mataele shows off about a 6 inch tie---doesn't quite measure up to good missionary attire!
Woa---Elder Magelby just put his finger into a light socket with that spikey hair thing going on!
Thank you Elder Christiansen for being our MC for the "Matching our Message" fashion show!
Dirty shoes aren't a good look for Elder Belnap or any other missionary!
I think Elder Mutton has spent too much time on his bike---his pants have been mangled---not a good look for missionaries!
Thank you Elder Stucki, for showing us how tacky wearing wrist bands look!
Yo, Elder Jenkins has got some fohawk going on---tooooo much for missionaries!
Elder Pre models wearing a vest without a jacket---keep that look in the fashion magazines!
Air conditioned socks are displayed by Elder Bresee!
Elder Witt demonstrates the inappropriateness of facial hair!
I think Elder Keyes has his top button undone---what do you think!
It looks like Elder Alldridge is showing off his muscles, but he is actually showing how rolled up sleeves is not a good look for missionaries!
Elder Ward sports a mismatched suit!
It is hard to see on this photo but Elder Sessions has a CD for a belt buckle---some of these belt buckles are the sizes of hubcaps and are not to be worn by missionaries!
Elder Timoteo models inappropriate sunglasses!
Elder Wigginton sports the fashion of logos on the tie! Certainly not for missionaries!
Elder Smith exhibits pointy side burns! Certainly not the look for a missionary!
Elder Cline displays a wrinkled shirt---so sorry about the position of the pose---that is when the flash went off and I wasn't able to get another photo taken as they all walked at quite a quick pace!
Elder Smith is used as our role model of a missionary who matches our message!
Here are all of our wonderful missionary models! Thank you Elders for displaying the "no no's" of missionary attire!

New Couple Arrives!

Wow! Our newest couple, Elder and Sister Gubler from Santa Clara, Utah! Yes, they are young! We are very fortunate to have such wonderful, hard working, dedicated leadership and member support missionaries for the Gisborne area! A true blessing!
Difficult to see, but these are the Gubler's in the Zone Leaders car being taken with their luggage in the trailer behind them! What an adventure!

Friday, February 4, 2011

February Zone Leader Council!

Elders Mataele, Timoteo, Cline and Greening partake of a new breakfast specialty at the Porter Mission Home! Pancakes with ice cream, fruit sauce, maple syrup and whip cream! Can't get any better than that---breakfast and dessert all at once! Don't worry Mom's they don't get that every meal!
Elder Mataele goes bonkers over the whip cream!
Elder Timoteo is loving the fruit syrup!
What a great group of Zone Leaders! Lots of new Zone Leaders for the first time replacing the many we lost at our last out take! During our Zone Leader Council, we received in a new missionary couple from St. George, Utah---Elder and Sister Gubler! They got the royal Maori welcome from some of our Maori Zone Leaders in the front---the rest of the Zone Leaders joined in with the welcome! They really got into it and you could certainly tell they were proud of their Maori roots! Kia Ora Elders!

We are family!

Returned missionaries from Australia are cheering on their newest member of the family --Elder Javier - coming to NZAM in March! What a wonderful supportive family! We love you all! Left to right: Denys Adams, Guy Lawton, Peter Ma'a, Jared Barber, newbie Javier Cerros, Richard Felton, Fran Bush and Thomas Stuart!