Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Zone Leaders!

We are grateful for these hard working Zone Leaders and Assistants! They are doing a great work and you can be pleased with them---the Lord is!
Back left to right - Elders Schaumkel, Taylor, Bledsoe, Nebeker, Brady, Davenport, Orullian, Pres. Porter. Elder Drake is directly in front of President. Middle row left to right - Elders Daley, Krauss, Larson, Feomaia, Lawton, Gramlich, Polo, Fawson. Front row left to right - Elders Dixon, Shumway and Hutchison!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bro. Peni--Our local Hero!

We could all learn much from Bro. Peni! He goes in and out of the hospital and never eats himself and yet--we get a call saying, "I've got my cooks preparing lunch for the office on Friday." Some of his cooks forgot so he made soup and Maori bread by himself! He has housed the missionaries and does their laundry, cleans up their flats and inspires them for the past 30 years! Yes, a local hero around these parts!

Elder Dixon and Gramlich---we see you dipping into what was suppose to be President's tin of cookies! You can take the Elder out of the boy, but you can't take the boy out of the Elder! They are wonderful and deserve all the cookies they receive!
Sister Sessions on the left, Elders Dixon and Gramlich, President Porter, Elder and Sister Shepherd.
Sisters Tu'inukuafe and Sister Tripple!

Brand New "Soldiers in the Army"

How wonderful to have (back left to right) Elders Baraniko, Christiansen, Smith, Stucki, Kauhenga, President Porter, Fanguna, Belk and Magleby;
as well as, (front left to right) Elders Cameron, Luckhardt, Sister Porter, and Johnson. We are very excited about working with this group---they will be going home with us! We have a special pack to give it all we've got for the next two years!

Elder Johnson from Nevada will be trained by Elder Burr from Utah

Elder Fluckiger from Idaho will train Elder Luckhardt from Calgary, Canada

Elder Baraniko from Kiribati will be trained by Elder Avea from Hawaii

Elder Byrnes from NSW, Australia will train Elder Stucki from Nevada

Elder Cameron from Utah will be trained by Elder Guerrero from Texas

Elder Belk will be trained by Elder Reynolds from Utah

Elder Magleby will be trained by Elder Whyte from Idaho
Elder Christiansen will be trained by Elder Rea from queensland,Australia

Elder and Sister Sessions are here from California

Elder Fanguna will be trained by Elder Tamale from New Zealand

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

They are off---and now they are yours!

Thank you so much for sharing them with the New Zealand Auckland Mission! We know the Lord is pleased with their service to Him!
Left to right: Elders Willoughby, Stuart, Robison, Cunningham, Heinitz, Rutter.
Front row: Sisters Marsh, Porter, President Porter, Elder McMillan
Enjoy them! We love them!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Angels among us!

Left to right: Sisters Spiller, Tripple and Tu'inukuafe! They were to wear crowns to a ward event in the Tongan ward in which they serve. They also serve in another ward as well as in the mission office. They are truly angels in our midst! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Even Elders need operations sometimes!

Elder Gardner gets his hernia fixed and Elder Brown provides the empathy!

Pre - op with his Dr.

Lunches at Zone Conference!

Elders McFarland, Jones and Allsop are about all I can make out in this one!

From the front left around the table; Elders Cope, Robison, DuMont, Felton, Hayes, Williams, Reynolds, Rance, Andros, and President Porter!

Elders Watkins, Tamale, Ale, Samani, Saena, Gardner and Brown are about all I can make out in this photo. Maybe your eyes are better than mine.

I probably shouldn't attempt this one, but the ones in the front are Elders Maneha, Mahoney, Hammond and Mafua.

This is a bit easier---the Hamilton New Zealand Temple makes an exquisite backdrop for Sisters Taaboia, Wolfgramm, Selfaison and Elders Hammond, Kelemete, Ale, and Fausau!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Your Sons and Daughters are growing up!

Recently, I had a birthday and I was surprised by how delightfully creative your sons and daughters are! They are not only losing their wonderful personalities that we all know and love ---but through God's perfect plan for us, they are learning how to love others as themselves and to care for them and reach out and lift another! God's plan is perfect ---as we trust in Him, rich blessings are in store!

Elders Guthrie and Shipley are wonderful together and sent this to me!

Elder Docking sends his best!

Elders Maneha and Southwick display their artwork!

Sisters Bush and LamChueng find these treasures in the store, that they would have purchased for me----but the intent and picture are worth it all!

Elder Forsyth and Lyman came up with this creation! They are learning to love others and show them---you can be proud!

Look Mom---I'm using my helmet and backpack!

Elders Davidson and Reynolds gets chosen to appear on the cover for the Waitakere City Council Transport Project flyer. Yes, those are our "Mormon Missionaries!"