Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love the incoming!

Sister Marie is being trained by Sister Jones!
Sister Donumaibugale will be trained by Sister Martinsen!
Sisters Martinsen and Donumaibugale move her things to the Zone car for transport!
Anyone notice--we have a new mission van! That is right--what a beast! It has a larger cargo, easier to drive and turning radius that is much better than the Previa, but this Hyundai is a diesel engine--which gets better gas mileage but sounds like a Jumbo Jet according to our son David! Therefore, the new nickname for our mission van is J.J. the Jumbo Jet!
Ben Marshall, our amazing bike man and his family just adopted a baby and are going through the panges of being a bit older parents---but are loving every moment of it! Congratulations!
Our new Elder Johnson begged me to put this on for his family! Hope they appreciate it! Now we have two Elder Johnson's!

Departure is not my favorite part!

Departure may not be my favorite part, but from the looks on these missionaries faces--they were ready! Happy to serve and happy to rejoin their families! We will miss: Left to right, back: Elders McKinley, Cline, Babcock and Eckery. Left to right, front: Sisters Shumway, Siilata and Ashcraft!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank you Gee's!

The two of them work together to form their square on the mission tablecloth--is that cute of what!?!
They have served faithfully in the Temple Visitor Centre in Hamilton--the Celestial Kingdom of the mission! We love and will miss you!

Incredible Irene!

Irene is one incredible young woman! Came to New Zealand from China to study music. She asked a man on the street if he knew of a church that taught about Jesus Christ that she could attend. She was taught by her auntie in China about Jesus Christ! He was not a member but gave her details to Elder Smith and Elder Ng, that were chinese missionaries. She joined the church just one year ago and has now been called to the Wellington Mission to serve! What a blessing her faith will be to those she teaches!

Does anyone know any Tokelauans!

Fia is the first person that I know from Tokelau! I had to ask where Tokelau was. It is an island south of Samoa that is part of New Zealand, similar to the Cook Islands and Niue! We looked it up and the population is 500! We are thinking that Fia is one of the first members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from her island home, Tokelau! Her adorable sister Herrietta is close behind!

An incredible story!

Sisters Jones and Sitthidamrong were not the first missionaries to work with and teach John Crichton. His family, from Samoa, had been members for many years and even donated family land for the Samoan Temple to be built upon. The sisters just fellowshipped with the family and took John to the Hamilton New Zealand Temple Visitors Centre! As he stood in front of the Christus--he had a longing feeling to be there clean and worthy as he stood before the Saviour! It was then that he knew he needed to be baptized--that his sins might be washed away through our Saviour and Redeemer!
Brother Fruen, friend and great saint was instrumental in helping his friend John into the waters of baptism!
Sister Crichton and their 5 children have waited 25 years for this day! Congratulations Crichton family!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome, welcome office couples--now we rest from every care!

Elder and Sister Brower just arrived to serve in the office of the New Zealand Auckland Mission! We have been waiting for months for this couple, due to visa delays and had their predecessors, the Robertson's extended to be able to train them, yet they missed each other by 3 weeks!
They are now here and ready to join in and help the missionaries be successful!
Hurray! The office is now complete and in great shape with the Nelson's and the Brower's! It feels soooo good!
Special "Thank You!" to Service Missionaries, Sisters Ashby and Shepherd for holding us together for the 3 weeks until the couples arrived! We are most grateful for all you have done!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ask and ye shall receive!

The prophet asks for more couple missionaries and we receive--thanks President Monson! The Ronnenkamp's have been here for a while already, here from Layton to Coordinate ITEP in the Pacific Area, and they are highly qualified for the assignment! The Davis' from St. George, Utah, have the sweet assignment of being traveling ITEP/CES missionaries and will spend 3 months in Kiritabi, and 3 months Figi, then 3 months in Samoa--anyone salivating yet! I know, they have paid their dues though--they have already served here in the Pacific twice before.
Elder and Sister Hardy have come to us from Clinton, Utah to serve in the Hamilton Temple Visitors Centre! Like serving in heaven! They will be replacing the Gee's!

The Davidson's have been here for a bit and are from Burley, Idaho as CES Specialists who serve the northland of New Zealand! It is a great opportunity to serve the Maori youth in Whangarei and Kaikohe and the adjoining areas! Who will bless the doorstep of New Zealand next--will it be you!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

March/April Interviews!

At the MTC for Mission Presidents, Elder Hinckley informed us that the President would interview over 4000 times within the three year call over a mission--President's very last interview of his time as mission president was Elder Ji from China! Elder Abegg his companion was second to the last!
Elders Piukala, Vaolupe, and Gonda from the Henderson/Harbour Zone! Elder Gonda is holding up some of the chocolate Easter eggs I hid around the room for them to find during my time with the Elders and Sisters. I let them know that they were all "God's in embryo--having all the spiritual DNA in order to be a God! They just need to find their divine gifts and develop them!" Thus the chocolate easter eggs!
Elders Tonga, Eckery, Jolliffe, Vaolupe, Piukala, Spicer and Afa from Henderson/Harbour Zone!
Elders Nu'usila, Middleton, Everett, Tomasi, Spence, Martin, Manning, Cameron, Chandler, Tia and Whipple from the Henderson/Harbour Zone!
Elders Middleton, Walker, Manning, Nu'usila, and Tia from the Henderson/Harbour Zone!
Elders Jibas, Pre and Cline from Manurewa/Papakura zone!
This was a much better picture of Elders Cline and Pre and they are leading the largest zone in the mission, so they deserved another photo!
Back row: Elders Gardner, Tokelau, Kaufusi, Paliti, Sister in front: Sisters Ashcraft, Hohaia, Jones and Sitthidomrang! All from the Manurewa/Papakura Zone!
Elders Filimaua, Penaia, So'oalo, Dyumthi, Brown, Moe, Hatch, and Saunders from Manurewa/Papakura Zone!
Elders Shepard, Finau, Trainor, Killingbeck, Petty, and Havea--also from the Manurewa/Papakura Zone!
Elders Fafai, Desmarais, Haight, Ward, Stucki, Gubler, and Tucker, with Elder Cook, and Sisters Auva'a, and Fue in the front--from the Manakau Zone!
Sisters Nalesaoni and Pasiaka from the Manakau Zone!
Elders Sateki, Heslop, Mataele, Ward, Tugaga, Love, Fuataga, Stucki, Moss, Ulu'gia, Utai from the Manukau Zone!
Elders Timoteo, Petero, Sisters Perry and Martinsen, Elder Parry in back, Elder Tufaga, and Elders Porter and Nipko in front - from Panmure/Waterview Zone!
Elders Gunn, Inglis, Rehak and Kauhenga from Panmure/Waterview Zone!
Elders Cerros, Molisi, Hoko, Snow, Tito and Huang as well as Sisters Leu and Masoe, also from Panmure/Waterview Zone!
While down in Hamilton we noticed this amazing sight surrounding the Sandwich Rd. Chapel! Hot Air Balloon week in Hamilton!
Hamilton is the only place we have seen these Hot Air Balloons here in New Zealand, but we see them regularly!
Just never so close up!
Aren't these incredible! I think this is one from Brazil!
Elders Hibbard, Whaanga, Sessions and Smith from Hamilton Zone!
Elders and Sisters alike, love to devour the pictures of all the missionaries in the mission on my notebook!
Elders Allred, Smith, Sessions, Whaanga, Sua, Hibbard, Nelson, Kamal and Seuga from Hamilton Zone!
Sisters Avauli and Kamal from Hamilton Zone!
Elders Singh, Jeppeson, Huang, Purdon, Pohahau, Curtis, Rubalcava and Jensen from Hamilton Zone!
Elders Cannon, Smith, Kimball, Beckstead and Sorensen from Hamilton Zone!
Sisters Shumway and Joost at the Visitors Centre!
From Tauranga/Rotorua Zone we have Elders Beecher, Naicker, Jenkins, Ales, Johnson, Christiansen and Keyes-with Elders Loomis and Mayer in front!
Elder Espino, Sisters Tanuvasa and Frost, and Elder Luckhardt also from the Tauranga/Rotorua Zone!
The decision was made recently to allow mobile phones for the district leaders. The Zone leaders are the only ones to have them previously.
Elder Walk was so funny with his--it was like he had to retrain his fingers again!
It was like Christmas time for him!
Elders Battsagaan, Baraniko, Halavaka, Rangi, AsaAsa, Fakahau, Ioasa and Sisters Feao and Naidu from the Mt. Roskill Zone!
Elders Stewart, Sisters Mafi and Funaki, and Elders Babcock, Leong and Walk from the Mt. Roskill Zone!
Elders Fanguna, Hehepoto, Sisters Vea and Alatini are from Tamaki Zone!
Elders Papalii, Cunniffe, Afoa and Edlefsen are from the Tamaki Zone as well!
Again from Tamaki Zone we have Elders Leetham, Apelu, Christensen, Bake and Sisters Teaupa and Siilata!
Elders Magleby, President Porter and Elder Mutton from the Tamaki Zone!