Monday, December 28, 2009

A Message of Grateful Praise!

Your Elders and Sisters have been wonderful instruments in the hands of God in bringing His children to Him through His Son! They were blessed to see 1094 souls into the waters of baptism! This is a great accomplishment as the 1000 mark has not been broken for many years. Thanks be to God! We look forward to another year of miracles in 2010---the best is yet to come!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Waterview, Panmure, Tamaki, Manurewa, Papakura Christmas Zone Conference

Our Tongan Christmas Sisters Taimani and Fotu!

Hamilton Christmas Zone Conference!

Hamilton Christmas Zone Conference

Henderson, Harbour, Mt. Roskill, Manakau, Papatoetoe Conference

The Sisters from the Waterview Stake who helped to provide our Christmas Zone lunch!

Kaikohe/Whangarei Christmas Zone Conference!

When the missionaries entered the room, one of them said, "Where do the missionaries sit?" The sisters had worked very hard to help us feel the spirit of Christmas!
Elder Krauss and DuMont!

The only sisters in Kaikohe Zone! Sisters Selfaison and Shumway!
The Shoemaker's (CES), Elder Walch and Elder Brady

Sister Seminoff and her crew of cheery elfs--that made all this possible!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Welcome to Wonderful New Missionaries!

We are thrilled to have them and the Lord needs their energy and drive for the work! Back row: Elders Belnap, Tokelau, Ales, Haight, Pres. Porter, Everett, Amy, Smith, Trainor, Kitchen, Greening. Front row: Elder So'oalo, Sisters Nalesoni, Shumway, Porter, Ashcraft, Elder Nipko!

Elder Kitchen will be trained by Elder Sessions!

Just thought the height difference was fun!

Sister Shumway is being trained by Sister Selfaison!

Sister Ashcraft will be trained by Sister Tu'inukuafe!

Elder Greening will be trained by Elder Frew!

Elder Nipko is being trained by Elder Bridenstine!

Elder Smith will be trained by Elder Tham!

Elder Ales is being trained by Elder Larsen!

Elder Trainor will be trained(haha) by Elder Gardner!

Elder Everett is being trained by Elder Stevenson-Hamano!

Elder So'oalo will be trained by Elder Tugaga!

Sister Nalesoni is being trained by Sister Fakatava!

Elder Haight will be trained by Elder Stevenson!

Elder Amy is being trained by Elder Collett!

Elder Belnap will be trained by Elder Magleby!

Elder Tokelau is being trained by Elder Seegmiller!

We lost some great missionaries!

Out of a job and on the market! Back row left to right:Elders Swift, Voyles, Dixon, Taylor, Kakau, McFarland. Front row left to right: Sisters Rymar, Fonua, Elder Saena

They gave it their all till the end---they deserve their passports!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cousins Among Us!

Sister Tu'inukuafe is joined by her cousin Elder Tokelau in the same mission! We are so blessed with wonderful relatives!
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our dear Brother Peni passed away!

Brother Peni has served the missionaries for over 30 years! He has had missionaries in his flat and has cleaned their clothes and their flat this entire time. He has loved and served the missionaries past and present and for that we are eternally grateful!

He died 26 November during the night and a funeral service was held in his honor on the night of the 27th in the Red Hill ward building in Papakura. Elder Kyle Nelson was able to represent missionaries past and present who loved Bro. Peni! He was able to share many choice experiences that highlighted Bro. Peni's many wonderful qualities and ended with his testimony in Maori that Elder Peni had written out for him and schooled him on.

Bro. Peni's body remained in this Marae in Papakura the night of the 27th and then was to be taken to Whanganui, according to Bro. Peni's desires and their he was to have another funeral service with his family and would be buried there among family.
Thank you Bro. Peni, we love you!

Zone Leader Council fieldtrip to North Head!

We went to North Head in Devonport here in New Zealand! North Head is the oldest volcanic cone in the area and was used as the major strategic defense location used during World War I and II! The Maori settlers also used it to defend themselves from tribal attacks. We used the location to teach leadership principles!

Elders Brady and Bledsoe taught about working with the mission leaders regarding correcting obedience issues---how they are the small guns and there are some things that President Porter must be used for as the "Big Gun"---but these guns were never fired in anger! Then or now!
They were taught about their responsibility to lift others from where they are to where they need to be, like the Savior demonstrated to Peter in Matthew 14:31!

There is something very uplifting just seeing missionaries all together---there is such power there!

They were taught to liken leadership to a volcano---fire within, stature (vision), substance---solid rock!

The leadership of the New Zealand Auckland Mission!

Elder Rea's scissor accident!

Elder Rea has a little run in with scissors that he thought was just an innocent little accident----after surgery, he had second thoughts! He was just clapping his hands in excitement regarding an upcoming baptism and forgot he had scissors in his hands!

The latest LDS movie star in Vanuatu!

Sister Kapalu was able to participate in a family history video that needed someone that spoke Bislamic! Since Sister Kapalu is from Vanuatu and spoke Bislamic, she was in high demand! Yeah, Sister Kapalu!