Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcome New Friends!

Here they are trained by President and Sister Porter and the Assistants and now they are ready to meet their trainers!
After the airport, the first spot they visited was One Tree Hill!
Elder Wigginton is training Elder Kaufusi!
Elder Smith will train Elder Cushing!
Elder Moss will be trained by Elder Belk!
Elder Porter is training Elder Webb!
Elder Haight will train Elder Cannon!
Elder Allred is being trained by Elder Magleby!
Elder Parry will be training Elder White!
Elder Petty is being trained by Elder Christensen!
Elder Walker will be trained by Elder Brown!
Elder Aldridge will train Elder Hussain!
Elder Jeppesen is being trained by Elder Keyes!
Elder Tufuga will train Elder Apelu!
Elder Asaasa will be trained by Elder Papalii!
Elder Preston will train Elder Ulu'gia!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Farewell to faithful friends!

What a wonderful group of faithful missionaries---we loved every one with their unique and valued contribution and loved the bond they felt throughout their missions! Left to right: Sisters Tofilau, Williams; Elders Lyman, Drake, Nelson, Cope, McClain, Watkins, Whyte, Ng, Fawson, Bridenstein, Bridge, Krauss!
Elder Mafua had visa issues that limited him from leaving with his group, so we had a small group departure meeting for him!
The Cook's who served before us, provided the great idea of having the missionaries write their names on a tablecloth when they leave the mission so that we have the names of all the missionaries who served with us! It will continue to be a treasure for us!

Many things require miracles! This was one of them!

Elder Filimaua is a relatively new missionary to the field and when he came down with a stomach ache, the doctor thought it was indigestion---instead it ended up to be appendicitis! It went from bad to worse, requiring two surgeries and then a miracle! Finally, he only recovered almost instantly after a mission prayer and fast was called!
While in the hosptial, his companion had to take care of baptizing the many souls awaiting salvation!

Aua ete maliu ese!

Some of our Samoan Elders sang their testimonies through a wonderful Samoan hymn about the Saviour! Aua e te maliu ese is the name of the hymn! The Elders were left to right: Elders Nu'usila, Seauga, Fiaui, Tulia, Tufuga! Thank you Elders!
(We had to shrink the video thus damaging the quality, but some things are worth it)