Friday, April 17, 2009

Dan Jones Box!

Brave new Elders stand atop the "Dan Jones Box"
defending some most commonly asked questions to their fellow Elders (assuming the position of a crowd of investigators). Nice job, Elders Christensen and Rezel!

You just have to love their courage and zeal!

Elders Guthrie and Shipley---a new arrival in our last intake! Now that is bravery!
Way to go---our new generation of Dan Jones'!

Feasting Upon the Word!!!

I had my doubts as to whether Elder Petty's mouth could open wide enough to get the entire burger in! These Elders never cease to amaze me! Elder Thornley is witness!

Our new assistant, Elder Gramlich is striving to follow Nephi's admonition to "feast upon the word of Christ!" (Doesn't he have a nice set of teeth!)
Elder Seegmiller attempts a double cheese! These Hamilton sisters know what the Elders love to eat!

Elder Tulia even tries to eat two!

This is for you Sister DuMont---Elder DuMont says you are the biggest blog fan! Elder DuMont in front, followed by Elders Brown and Komene and Sisters Tuinukuaf'e and Rymar.

Hamilton Zone Conference

Our wonderful Hamilton sisters who provide meals fit for King's for the missionaries---led by Sister Thomson on the far right, whose husband was made Stake President recently.

Our tradition is to sing to the sisters to show our gratitude for their service. This month's song was to the tune of "Choose the Right" hymn 239.
Thanks for lunch! We are grateful for your service,
Every month we wonder what you'll make,
And each month, we are never disappointed;
It's Mom's cooking in each bite we take.
Thanks for lunch! Thanks for lunch!
We feel your love through this heartfelt chore,
Love you bunch! Thanks for lunch!
May God bless you evermore.

Pictured above is (left to right)Elders Ng, Nebeker, Reese, DuMont, Long and Taylor.

The one's I can pick out in this picture from left to right are Elders Smith, Swift, Christensen, Davenport, Berge, Fowler, Ross and Cunningham.

Sister's Seminar

Sisters Fangupo, Rymar, and Tuinukuaf'e are sampling some goodies while learning from Sister Ball (wife of a member of the Mission Presidency) how to have our appearance match our message! We had three groups of sisters, one every day after Zone Conference---this is just one of them!

From left to right: Sisters Thornley, Hutchings, Ball, Tolley, Marsh, Fangupo, Harrison, Porter, Rymar, Tuinukuaf'e. Most are serving in the Visitors' Center!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Fresh New set of the Lord's Missionaries!

We have been blessed with a nice group of missionaries from all three of our major receiving areas. Elder Fakai from Australia, Elder Manu from Tonga, and Elders Allsop, Moody and Witt from the States. Sisters Tupuola and Williams also join us from the States.

One Tree Hill was the clearest I have seen in the 9 months we have been here! You felt like you could see forever! (Sky Tower on the left and Rangitoto on the right)

Elder Witt will be trained by Elder Hutchison!

Sister Williams is being trained by Sister Bielecki!

Elder Manu is trained by Elder Schaumkel

Elder Moody will be trained by Elder Williams!

Elder Allsop is trained by Elder Hayes!

Elder Fakai will be trained by Elder Auapa'au!

Sister Tupuola is trained by Sister Blomquist!

Wonderful Elders leave us once again!

What a great group of Elders (left to right, back then front) Ziesel, Pres., Zylstra, Hayden-Smith, Tonumaipe'a, Me, Ma'a, Otake. They have been a blessing to this mission! All the best Elders! Go get an education and find the other half of your shell!;)