Sunday, October 3, 2010

Specialized Training - Sept.- Oct. 2010

President Porter likened this opportunity that we have in this mission to "double our baptisms" and follow the charge of the Lord through two prophets, President Hinckley and President Monson's "Save Souls," to a game of baseball in which we have just 3 more swings till the year is ended! Sister Alatini is ready to give a leg!
Elder Kauhenga has a powerful enough swing with one hand!
Elder Walk is determined to make it happen for the Chinese!
Elder Ales will do it!
Fairly new, Elder Jeppesen, has the determination!
Henderson/Harbour Zone!
Tamaki Zone!
Chinese Program Elders!
Mt. Roskill Zone!


Jjlr1 said...

It looks like you Elders had fun. Sister Porter how long will You and your Husband be the Mission President My Son Tyler comes to Auckland New Zealand in Dec 2010 and from looking at photos and reading this he will fit right in & feel like he is at home.

Sister Porter said...

We will be here another 9 months! We will be happy to have him join us in the Lord's vineyard! He couldn't have been called to a more wonderful place to serve! The people are ready! If he has lots of faith, is ready to work hard, follow The Spirit and be obedient---he will fit right in!

SITIVENI said...

yes for sure,,i have seen it and experienced it too being a missionary,,its a wonderful experience having that only faith that could change peoples lives.