Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Random shots from Interviews!

Elders Gardner, Hehepoto, Papalii, Apelu and President!
Sisters Alatini and Nalesoni, Elders Jenkins, Whitrod, Cushing, Curtis, President, Elders Cameron and Elder Leong!
Elders Shepard, Whitrod, Belk, Sisters Mahas and Kamal, Elders Utai, Heslop, Tia, President, Elder Cameron and Hoko!
Elders Manu, Kaufusi, Tokelau, Kimball, Christiansen, Mutton, Baraniko with Sister Feao and Fotu! Isn't it a great drawing of missionaries in the background! A party for a return missionary that we took advantage of!
Elder Seuga checks out the scales while new Elder Penaia looks on!
Elders Burton, Seuga, Pre and Keyes!
Elders Smith, Bake, Walk Moss and Ioasa admire Elder Long's part---truly one of a kind! The only one we have ever seen on him!
Sisters Ulu'ave and Mafi with Elder Haight and Su'a and the New Curriculum Study Guide and the Halloween treat basket!

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Bill Satterfield said...

Do you happen to be related to Solomone Ulu'ave from Hawaii that served a mission in Houston, TX in 1997-98? We were companions and I'm trying to find him.