Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Shots from Interviews!

Elders McKinley, Davis, Sisters Shumway and Sitthidamrong, Elders AsaAsa and Nu'usila!
Sisters Avauli, Teaupa, President, Elders Palaiti and Tonga!
Elders Mose, Fanguna, Sisters Elisaia, Auva'a, President, Elders Felton and Sateki!
The bike patrol! Eders Cunniffe, Finau, Porter and Bernard!
Elder Porter popping his wheelies!

1 comment:

patricia dumont said...

I think Pres Porter and Elder Porter should have a contest of wheelies!!!

No, better to stay safely on the ground, but you could photoshop it!

Elder DuMont's mum