Friday, October 8, 2010

October Zone Leader Council!

Zone Leader Council---what can I say---what an absolutely amazing collection of the Lord's leaders! We are honored to work with such quality Elders! You can be proud of your sons, they do heaps of good and work very hard bringing to pass much righteousness!
Another one of Sister Porter's object lessons gone a bit crazy! We began with a challenge---President Porter lifting the dining room wooden table that seats 12 to eye level! He tried but was unable to do it---then Elder Greening took on the challenge---the other Elders agreed that he was the strongest among them! Alas, he too was stumped! They then stood side by side around the table and placed one hand under it and lifted! It was easy as "butter" (kind of an inside joke)! We then asked if just one finger from each Elder could lift the table---again, easy as butter! Truly amazing! That is when having President sit on the table and lift them came up---again, with one hand it was a piece of cake when everyone did their part! It was related to President Uchtdorf's talk on "Lift where you stand" with his quote about the stripling warriors--"they accomplished together what none of them could have accomplished alone!" These are the Elders who will lead this mission to the doubling of our baptisms as we follow the call of two prophets!

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SITIVENI said...

i like that analogy,i hope ill try and continue to apply this few things into my own life