Friday, October 8, 2010

Elder Potts!

We have a new missionary assigned to the New Zealand Auckland Mission! His name is Elder Potts! He didn't ask for much just a small part of the vineyard to tend!
He pretty much just sits around all day and reminds us that the Lord has a work for all of us to do!


patricia dumont said...

Well, I have been silenced for a time! We were on a borrowed computer and I could not comment on the blog! How terrible is that? Very!

I love the little Elder Potts. What a clever little reminder of the Lord's work. Very cute.

And Sister Porter your use of alphabetical order is a sign of an organized woman. I admire that. No need to ever change.

What a blessing the blog is. To keep in touch and feel a part of the special events and the everyday things which the missionaries expereince. I plan to continue to watch and comment even when our son comes home. A sad and happy day which is coming soon. How we have missed him but how we have all grown in the Gospel due to his service to the Lord in the best mission in the world. NZAM Rules! Much love, Sister Patricia DuMont,( mum of Elder DuMont, due home in 6 days!) but who's counting?

patricia dumont said...

Oh, and may I say something very dear to my heart? Because of Sister Martinsen's father sharing the gospel with me as a shy little 12 year old girl, I have been blessed in my life and have raised a son to serve there in the NZAM who has shared the Gospel with many. The ripple effect will continue throughout the eternities. I know this is the Lord's True Church.

P.S. I like to refer to Sister Martinsen as Sister Martinsensational! I know "Elder DuMonitone" will miss her and everything and everyone in NZAM!