Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wonderful Elders leave us once again!

What a great group of Elders (left to right, back then front) Ziesel, Pres., Zylstra, Hayden-Smith, Tonumaipe'a, Me, Ma'a, Otake. They have been a blessing to this mission! All the best Elders! Go get an education and find the other half of your shell!;)


Lindsey and Josh said...

I know this post is about the Elders but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to say..."MOM, YOU ARE SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!"


Kiwa Nana or Papa said...

She is stinkin cute but she doesn't look like a mom. She looks like one of the Sisters, and not a Sr. Sister.

kiwimills said...

What a great blog you are doing!!! Well done.
Is the Hayden Smith who went home from Sydney? We knew a large Hayden smith family when we lived in the Normanhurst ward in ozzie, the boys would be mission age by now...just wondering.
Also Elder Petty from christchurch is from our old ward, say hi to him for us..
the Mills Up in Whangarei!! Thanks Nicola

kiwimills said...

ps Thanks for coming up to whangarei during our stake conferences ...I always get soooo much from your talks to us at conference, THANK YOU (you 'meet the mormon' boy!)
I have taken the principles you have both taught and have added them to my life. My life is richer because of you both, thank you