Friday, April 17, 2009

Hamilton Zone Conference

Our wonderful Hamilton sisters who provide meals fit for King's for the missionaries---led by Sister Thomson on the far right, whose husband was made Stake President recently.

Our tradition is to sing to the sisters to show our gratitude for their service. This month's song was to the tune of "Choose the Right" hymn 239.
Thanks for lunch! We are grateful for your service,
Every month we wonder what you'll make,
And each month, we are never disappointed;
It's Mom's cooking in each bite we take.
Thanks for lunch! Thanks for lunch!
We feel your love through this heartfelt chore,
Love you bunch! Thanks for lunch!
May God bless you evermore.

Pictured above is (left to right)Elders Ng, Nebeker, Reese, DuMont, Long and Taylor.

The one's I can pick out in this picture from left to right are Elders Smith, Swift, Christensen, Davenport, Berge, Fowler, Ross and Cunningham.


NEBEKERS said...

It was good to see my sons face in the blog thanks sister Porter. Its good to read to see what the whole mission is doing.
Cally nebeker

Gail said...

What a pleasant surprise to see Elder Berge singing! I'm sure he enjoyed the delicious lunch. Thank you, Sister Porter for keeping us up to date on the mission and a very big thank you to the lovely sisters who provided the food. Please know how much the mothers at home appreciate your service.
Gail Berge