Friday, April 17, 2009

Dan Jones Box!

Brave new Elders stand atop the "Dan Jones Box"
defending some most commonly asked questions to their fellow Elders (assuming the position of a crowd of investigators). Nice job, Elders Christensen and Rezel!

You just have to love their courage and zeal!

Elders Guthrie and Shipley---a new arrival in our last intake! Now that is bravery!
Way to go---our new generation of Dan Jones'!


Elaine said...

We love seeing our missionary in action! Thanks for posting these pictures.
The Guthrie's

Danette said...

Thanks for an exciting blog on the New Zealand Auckland Mission! Our son, Elder Perry Sessions will be entering the MTC on July 8 and we as his parents are so thrilled to see your photos and comments on the wonderful mission you are all having.

Thanks again,
The Sessions

ps Yes we are related to the missionary couple that recently arrived, so you will have two Elder Sessions by the end of July.