Friday, April 17, 2009

Feasting Upon the Word!!!

I had my doubts as to whether Elder Petty's mouth could open wide enough to get the entire burger in! These Elders never cease to amaze me! Elder Thornley is witness!

Our new assistant, Elder Gramlich is striving to follow Nephi's admonition to "feast upon the word of Christ!" (Doesn't he have a nice set of teeth!)
Elder Seegmiller attempts a double cheese! These Hamilton sisters know what the Elders love to eat!

Elder Tulia even tries to eat two!

This is for you Sister DuMont---Elder DuMont says you are the biggest blog fan! Elder DuMont in front, followed by Elders Brown and Komene and Sisters Tuinukuaf'e and Rymar.


Nic said...

Ah - it's small world in the church in New Zealand. When Sue Hall (now Thomson) and I were in Young Adults together, did we think that one day she would be providing lunch for my son (Elder Petty) on his mission?
By the way - that jaw cost $20,000 to get right, so it's good to see it working properly.
Thanks for the photos and comments, Sister Porter.

patricia dumont said...

Thank you Sister Porter! Elder DuMont is right, I am the biggest blog fan as well as the biggest fan of this fine young man serving the Lord there. Thank you for watching out for him and all the wonderful missionaries there! I see they are well fed spiritually and physically.
Patricia DuMont in Maryland

patricia dumont said...

It is fun to go to Google Maps and type in the area our missinaries are serving in, then go to "street view" and see the streets they walk or ride. Also, go to One Tree Hill and see the beautiful view this way.

Patricia DuMot