Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Fresh New set of the Lord's Missionaries!

We have been blessed with a nice group of missionaries from all three of our major receiving areas. Elder Fakai from Australia, Elder Manu from Tonga, and Elders Allsop, Moody and Witt from the States. Sisters Tupuola and Williams also join us from the States.

One Tree Hill was the clearest I have seen in the 9 months we have been here! You felt like you could see forever! (Sky Tower on the left and Rangitoto on the right)

Elder Witt will be trained by Elder Hutchison!

Sister Williams is being trained by Sister Bielecki!


Anelisa said...

I'm not even sure how I found this blog (possibly looking for information about the New Zealand Wellington Mission where my son is going in a few weeks) but I was so happy to see my little neighbor friend Sister Williams. Please tell her hello from The Bells in Woodruff and that we hope her mission is wonderful :)

Mr. Gunn's Class said...

April 9, 2009
Sister Porter,
I came across this blog today as I was seeking information on the Auckland, New Zealand Mission. My son, Cameron Gunn, received his mission call yesterday to this wonderful mission. We are very excited to learn about New Zealand and Cameron is even more excited to serve the Lord, especially in New Zealand.

Bruce B. Gunn
Riverton, Utah

Marcella said...

I was excited to see pictures of my daughter, Sister Williams who just recetly arrived in Auckland. It was fun seeing pictures of the missionaries she arrived with and also a picture of her trainer. I look forward to viewing this blog often. I wish they a blog for my son who is also currently serving a mission. (spanish mission in the states). I was surprised and happy to read a comment from our neighbor whose son will be servingin the Wellington mission. I send love to my daughter and my prayer for success to all the missionaries.