Monday, May 9, 2011

Our last trip to Niue!

This is a wonderful view of the Alofi branch building on the island of Niue!
The Lakepa Toi Branch performs wonderful songs and dances the day before we left! Aren't they great!
The Alofi Branch Relief Society sisters performed as well! Sister Lavini (Relief Society President) was leading the group!
As a family we have been mystified by this man who wanders a certain portion of the street always eating coconuts and appears and disappears in the bush! Come to find out from the Elders, they too have enjoyed this man who is actually a member of the church and whom they have nicknamed "Moses!" He kindly agreed to take a photo with Elders Devey and Losalu with our son, David!
A few aerial views of the island from the airplane!
The airstrip of Niue! The "rock of polynesia"--Niue!
Couldn't resist sharing some great moments with the Saints performing at the Niue Festival!
The one thing that I was amazed again at, is how the members were so very influencial in every part of the program for the festival, from decorations to running the whole thing! Members of the church are so talented and have such wonderful gifts that bless the whole world! What a gift the gospel is!! Do we realize what we have?????

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vicky said...

aww i miss my island i want to go there