Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love the incoming!

Sister Marie is being trained by Sister Jones!
Sister Donumaibugale will be trained by Sister Martinsen!
Sisters Martinsen and Donumaibugale move her things to the Zone car for transport!
Anyone notice--we have a new mission van! That is right--what a beast! It has a larger cargo, easier to drive and turning radius that is much better than the Previa, but this Hyundai is a diesel engine--which gets better gas mileage but sounds like a Jumbo Jet according to our son David! Therefore, the new nickname for our mission van is J.J. the Jumbo Jet!
Ben Marshall, our amazing bike man and his family just adopted a baby and are going through the panges of being a bit older parents---but are loving every moment of it! Congratulations!
Our new Elder Johnson begged me to put this on for his family! Hope they appreciate it! Now we have two Elder Johnson's!


Amy Martinsen said...

Love our pretty Sarah Ann!!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell Elder Johnson his auntie saw the photo and says he is a big goober.

Josie said...

My son has always been a goof! Am so happy to see him so HAPPY. Thank you.

Anaya Leka said...

Omg. Sister Marie!! I love her!!