Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Zealand Auckland Mission has talent and heart!

More from our wonderfully talented Tongan Elders! The two songs are a complilation of many songs:
'e sihova
'e tamaie
'e otua
nefai pe mei kalevale
Whatever the combination, they sing it with their heart and souls!


Milika said...

i couldn't watch the video or maybe my screen was fogging up. :) just beautifully sung. THANK YOU ELDERS :) i play this on replay..and then they had to make me cry even more with the last song. Reminded me of my time with my amazing companion Sister Tripple :) thank you Sister Porter and please thank the Elders for me for their wonderful talent. Ofa atu.

Sister Tu'inukuafe

Unknown said...

Never forget this day