Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beautiful Baptism!

I know this would have been better if his companion was right next to him, but his companion was just in the chapel and Elder Magleby was just walking into what is probably his final baptism of his mission and this was a shot I couldn't resist! Four being baptized from two different families! Do you think these Elders love these boys or what? Bro. Sua, the ward mission leader, Alfred and Edward were just baptized and Elders Magleby and Ward!
Alfred and Edward were having trouble with something that is very common with siblings--fighting! So, the missionaries were inspired to help them with a little jingle that has caught fire in the whole ward! It helps all of us to understand the power of the Book of Mormon--after their baptism, they bore sweet and pure testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon in their lives because it helps them quit fighting as they read from its pages each day! Marvelous!! Sorry about the picture slant!
While at the baptism, I discovered a musical family that was quite impressive--see if you agree! This is the Sua Family, Dad is the ward mission leader, Ashley, Katrina and Tyra are his very talented daughters!

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jessica said...

This was just BEAUTIFUL. In our family (Elder Chandler Whipple's), this song means alot. The kids just gatherered with Grandma to listen to it again. THANKS for sharing.