Thursday, April 7, 2011

March/April Interviews!

At the MTC for Mission Presidents, Elder Hinckley informed us that the President would interview over 4000 times within the three year call over a mission--President's very last interview of his time as mission president was Elder Ji from China! Elder Abegg his companion was second to the last!
Elders Piukala, Vaolupe, and Gonda from the Henderson/Harbour Zone! Elder Gonda is holding up some of the chocolate Easter eggs I hid around the room for them to find during my time with the Elders and Sisters. I let them know that they were all "God's in embryo--having all the spiritual DNA in order to be a God! They just need to find their divine gifts and develop them!" Thus the chocolate easter eggs!
Elders Tonga, Eckery, Jolliffe, Vaolupe, Piukala, Spicer and Afa from Henderson/Harbour Zone!
Elders Nu'usila, Middleton, Everett, Tomasi, Spence, Martin, Manning, Cameron, Chandler, Tia and Whipple from the Henderson/Harbour Zone!
Elders Middleton, Walker, Manning, Nu'usila, and Tia from the Henderson/Harbour Zone!
Elders Jibas, Pre and Cline from Manurewa/Papakura zone!
This was a much better picture of Elders Cline and Pre and they are leading the largest zone in the mission, so they deserved another photo!
Back row: Elders Gardner, Tokelau, Kaufusi, Paliti, Sister in front: Sisters Ashcraft, Hohaia, Jones and Sitthidomrang! All from the Manurewa/Papakura Zone!
Elders Filimaua, Penaia, So'oalo, Dyumthi, Brown, Moe, Hatch, and Saunders from Manurewa/Papakura Zone!
Elders Shepard, Finau, Trainor, Killingbeck, Petty, and Havea--also from the Manurewa/Papakura Zone!
Elders Fafai, Desmarais, Haight, Ward, Stucki, Gubler, and Tucker, with Elder Cook, and Sisters Auva'a, and Fue in the front--from the Manakau Zone!
Sisters Nalesaoni and Pasiaka from the Manakau Zone!
Elders Sateki, Heslop, Mataele, Ward, Tugaga, Love, Fuataga, Stucki, Moss, Ulu'gia, Utai from the Manukau Zone!
Elders Timoteo, Petero, Sisters Perry and Martinsen, Elder Parry in back, Elder Tufaga, and Elders Porter and Nipko in front - from Panmure/Waterview Zone!
Elders Gunn, Inglis, Rehak and Kauhenga from Panmure/Waterview Zone!
Elders Cerros, Molisi, Hoko, Snow, Tito and Huang as well as Sisters Leu and Masoe, also from Panmure/Waterview Zone!
While down in Hamilton we noticed this amazing sight surrounding the Sandwich Rd. Chapel! Hot Air Balloon week in Hamilton!
Hamilton is the only place we have seen these Hot Air Balloons here in New Zealand, but we see them regularly!
Just never so close up!
Aren't these incredible! I think this is one from Brazil!
Elders Hibbard, Whaanga, Sessions and Smith from Hamilton Zone!
Elders and Sisters alike, love to devour the pictures of all the missionaries in the mission on my notebook!
Elders Allred, Smith, Sessions, Whaanga, Sua, Hibbard, Nelson, Kamal and Seuga from Hamilton Zone!
Sisters Avauli and Kamal from Hamilton Zone!
Elders Singh, Jeppeson, Huang, Purdon, Pohahau, Curtis, Rubalcava and Jensen from Hamilton Zone!
Elders Cannon, Smith, Kimball, Beckstead and Sorensen from Hamilton Zone!
Sisters Shumway and Joost at the Visitors Centre!
From Tauranga/Rotorua Zone we have Elders Beecher, Naicker, Jenkins, Ales, Johnson, Christiansen and Keyes-with Elders Loomis and Mayer in front!
Elder Espino, Sisters Tanuvasa and Frost, and Elder Luckhardt also from the Tauranga/Rotorua Zone!
The decision was made recently to allow mobile phones for the district leaders. The Zone leaders are the only ones to have them previously.
Elder Walk was so funny with his--it was like he had to retrain his fingers again!
It was like Christmas time for him!
Elders Battsagaan, Baraniko, Halavaka, Rangi, AsaAsa, Fakahau, Ioasa and Sisters Feao and Naidu from the Mt. Roskill Zone!
Elders Stewart, Sisters Mafi and Funaki, and Elders Babcock, Leong and Walk from the Mt. Roskill Zone!
Elders Fanguna, Hehepoto, Sisters Vea and Alatini are from Tamaki Zone!
Elders Papalii, Cunniffe, Afoa and Edlefsen are from the Tamaki Zone as well!
Again from Tamaki Zone we have Elders Leetham, Apelu, Christensen, Bake and Sisters Teaupa and Siilata!
Elders Magleby, President Porter and Elder Mutton from the Tamaki Zone!


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