Thursday, April 21, 2011

Departure is not my favorite part!

Departure may not be my favorite part, but from the looks on these missionaries faces--they were ready! Happy to serve and happy to rejoin their families! We will miss: Left to right, back: Elders McKinley, Cline, Babcock and Eckery. Left to right, front: Sisters Shumway, Siilata and Ashcraft!


Milika said...
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Milika said...

i "hated" departure too :( gosh .. feels just like yesterday when i first meet Sister Ashcraft as my first "GREENIE" and we got shipped off to PUKEKOHE haha..good times :) and now, shes finished. JOB WELL DONE !!

Ann said...

I can't believe Sister Shumway & Sister Ashcraft have already finished their missions. Both served in Stonefields area. Awesome missionaries, as were ALL who served in our area. Love you guys long time and wish you all the very best for the future. Arohanui. The Moynihans x