Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Match your Message" Fashion Show!

At our last Zone Leader Council we realized that there were some fashions creeping into the mission that doesn't match the magestic message we bring----so, it was determined that we would put on a "Match your Message" Fashion Show at lunchtime for Leadership Training the next day to help the leaders of the mission be aware of what is appropriate and what is not! Here are our models:
Elder Mataele shows off about a 6 inch tie---doesn't quite measure up to good missionary attire!
Woa---Elder Magelby just put his finger into a light socket with that spikey hair thing going on!
Thank you Elder Christiansen for being our MC for the "Matching our Message" fashion show!
Dirty shoes aren't a good look for Elder Belnap or any other missionary!
I think Elder Mutton has spent too much time on his bike---his pants have been mangled---not a good look for missionaries!
Thank you Elder Stucki, for showing us how tacky wearing wrist bands look!
Yo, Elder Jenkins has got some fohawk going on---tooooo much for missionaries!
Elder Pre models wearing a vest without a jacket---keep that look in the fashion magazines!
Air conditioned socks are displayed by Elder Bresee!
Elder Witt demonstrates the inappropriateness of facial hair!
I think Elder Keyes has his top button undone---what do you think!
It looks like Elder Alldridge is showing off his muscles, but he is actually showing how rolled up sleeves is not a good look for missionaries!
Elder Ward sports a mismatched suit!
It is hard to see on this photo but Elder Sessions has a CD for a belt buckle---some of these belt buckles are the sizes of hubcaps and are not to be worn by missionaries!
Elder Timoteo models inappropriate sunglasses!
Elder Wigginton sports the fashion of logos on the tie! Certainly not for missionaries!
Elder Smith exhibits pointy side burns! Certainly not the look for a missionary!
Elder Cline displays a wrinkled shirt---so sorry about the position of the pose---that is when the flash went off and I wasn't able to get another photo taken as they all walked at quite a quick pace!
Elder Smith is used as our role model of a missionary who matches our message!
Here are all of our wonderful missionary models! Thank you Elders for displaying the "no no's" of missionary attire!

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Victoria said...

i wonder wat da Sister Missionaries' Fashion Show would look like....lolz....