Friday, February 4, 2011

February Zone Leader Council!

Elders Mataele, Timoteo, Cline and Greening partake of a new breakfast specialty at the Porter Mission Home! Pancakes with ice cream, fruit sauce, maple syrup and whip cream! Can't get any better than that---breakfast and dessert all at once! Don't worry Mom's they don't get that every meal!
Elder Mataele goes bonkers over the whip cream!
Elder Timoteo is loving the fruit syrup!
What a great group of Zone Leaders! Lots of new Zone Leaders for the first time replacing the many we lost at our last out take! During our Zone Leader Council, we received in a new missionary couple from St. George, Utah---Elder and Sister Gubler! They got the royal Maori welcome from some of our Maori Zone Leaders in the front---the rest of the Zone Leaders joined in with the welcome! They really got into it and you could certainly tell they were proud of their Maori roots! Kia Ora Elders!

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Victoria said...

shot zonies....keep up the good work