Friday, February 25, 2011

Anybody wonder what NZAM is up to----we're BAPTIZING!!!

Here is the latest Tamaki Stake Baptism in which Elders Utai, Papalii, Petty, Bake, Afoa, Kaufusi, Stucki and Mutton, along with Sisters Alatini and Pasiaka are looking quite happy! This is what I imagine the que to heaven looking like! All dressed in white, lead by angels! This was the happiest family--Crystal and Matt Coates and Theodore Tavete all were baptised and confirmed and then came to the "Come and See" fireside that Sunday night with the biggest smiles ever! Gloriously happy to be entering in at the strait gate!
These adorable young women are the Fetu Sisters who sang "Ye Elders of Israel" at the baptism! It was so beautiful I had to have them sing it again so I could record it for all to hear! They have just made a CD--they are that good!

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