Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Specialized Training!

President and Sister Porter played a dirty trick for Specialized Training this month--we decided to give the mission a bit of a wake up call and call on a few missionaries at 8:00 a.m. for companionship study without warning!
Elders Kauhenga and Vaolupe were the first lucky ones to receive us! It ended up being a wonderful experience as we studied and talked about the Atonement with them!
Elder s Faka'i and Fafai were our next victims (I mean lucky recipients) and we had a great experience having them give us the lesson they were planning to give their "golden investigators" that very night!
We also spent time going on tradeoffs with some of the missionaries to teach with them. In one night I was blessed to teach with Sisters Siilata, Alatini, Pasiaka and Teaupa! Strong spirit and wonderful teachers!
Elders Fillimaua and Fuataga were next for the early morning call! They were able to practice teaching us the Atonement!
We caught one companionship on a tradeoff. Elder Seuga was with his district leader, Elder Jenkins! They too were able to teach us about the Atonement!
Funny thing happened as a result of the tradeoff--Elder Love (Elder Seuga's companion) had the key--therefore, they ended up having to crawl in and out of the window for half the day!
I was blessed to have an incredible experience teaching with Sister Chen and Sister Feao!
Sister Jones and Sister Sitthidamrong looked so adorable that I just had to post them on their bikes! They are wonderful teachers as well!
Even without the gift of tongues it is a pleasure to listen to Sisters Auva'a and Fu'e teach in Samoan--they carry such a wonderful spirit! We left our experiences saying, "We need to do more of this!" Just a warning for the rest of the missionaries! Good times ahead!

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