Sunday, January 2, 2011

White Christmas in New Zealand!

What a Christmas to remember! 14 souls were saved all together on Christmas day just in one stake! The Tamaki Stake decided to hold a baptism for all the people wanting to be baptized on Christmas day within their stake boundaries. It was an amazing sight and such a beautiful event. Nineteen missionaries were involved and 6 bishops and the Stake Presidency---I feel like I should break out in of rendition of the "12 days of Christmas" (and a partridge in a pear tree or and a pukeko in a pongo tree, here in New Zealand!) Can't think of a greater present to the Saviour than bringing Him souls willing to be healed and blessed by His atoning gift to all of us!

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Dalo said...

WOW..."Save souls Double baptisms" NZAM is a mission of miracles...I am greatful that our mission accomplished such a great number simply becasue we did what the Lord requires of us. Glory be to God for his blessings...Talosaga Fiaui