Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random pictures from Interviews!

Left to right: Elders Watson, Ales, Love, Moss, Magleby, Whitrod, Tugaga, Mutton, Allsop and Tia!
Elder Ales and President Porter!
Left to right: Elders Webb, Smith, Fakahau, Sheperd, Tito, Abegg, Babcock, Belk and Sisters Funaki and Nalesoni!
Sister Sitthidamrong watches Sister Chen play her violin at a baptism!
Sister Chen is wonderful at playing the violin, she is able to bless the baptisms of her investigators by playing a medley of church hymns while people are changing!
Sisters Martinsen and Hohaia and Elders Davis and Battsagaan!
Sisters Mahas and Joost and Elders Havea and Porter!
Elders Edlefson, Spicer, Manu, and Rehak! Weighing in!
Elders Devey and Baraniko! You can almost see the marks on Elder Baraniko's arms from the cast (just removed) from his DOUBLE BROKEN ARMS! He had one in a cast and one in a sling! How is that for a bike accident with style!
Elders Nelson, Wigginton, Penaia, and Tufuga!
Elders Hussain, Hoko, Mataele and Moody!
Sisters Avauli, Masoe and Elders Huang, Stewart, Tonga (getting a hiding from President Porter; not really), Palaiti, Tokelau and Parry!
Elders Cook and Jenkins!
Elders Love, Falepapalangi, Finau and Fafai!
Elders Jibas, Snow, Sateki, Gardner and Papalii!
Elders Sateki, our son David, and Elder Filimaua! David is getting a love sandwich!
President is having a special moment with Elder Gardner!
He is reading his recently received "Dear John!"
Not much sympathy, more of delight!
Elders Saunders, Afa, Naicker, Russell, Eckery and Kitchen!
Sisters Engebretsen, Kamal, Elders Gonda, Seauga, Andros, Russo, Sessions and Nipko!
Elders Belmap, Whaanga, Rance, Sisters Irobeni, Elder Ward, Sister George, Elders Everett, Loomis and Gunn!
Sister Irobeni---now that is a story---first sister from the Solomon Islands! Never rode a bike in her life!
Now she is loving it!
Watch out Solomon Islands, Sister Irobeni is one powerhouse missionary now!
She is keeping up with everyone!
Elders Fakai, Petty, Afoa, Curtis, Jeppesen, Huang, Brown and Hamann!
Sisters Hafoka, Tanuvasa, Lauritzen, Jones, Us!, Elders Luckhardt, Beckstead, Sorensen and Mayer!


Amy Martinsen said...

What a great update! Thank you so much for doing this :) And even though you included a lovely picture of my Sarah Ann...I have to say my favorite is Pres. Porter's expression while reading the Dear John...priceless!!!

Milika said...

President Porter's facial expression while reading poor Elder Gardner's "Dear John" what can i say =) PRICELESS !!