Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 2011 Incoming Missionaries!

I call this intake the "United Nations" intake! We have missionaries from Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Botswana, Africa, Mainland China, Figi, Australia and America! We are a global mission of miracles!
Elder Whaanga will train Elder Hibbard!
Elder Rangi will be trained by Elder Trainor! Get the name tag---there was a misspelling on his original name tag so he kept it!
Elder Tomasi will be trained by Elder Chandler!
Elder Devey is training Elder Espino!
Elder Haight is to train Elder Alejandro!
Elder Beecher will be trained by Elder Eckery!
Elder Dyumthi is being trained by Elder Spicer!
Elder Brown will train Elder Jensen!
Elder Toka is being trained by Elder Atkin!
Elder Jeppesen will train Elder Singh!
Elder Moody is training Elder Inglis!
One Tree Hill was a unique experience where the Elders got some real mission experience with a man who didn't like Mormons and was bold about his opinion! They realized they weren't in the MTC anymore!

It was a beautiful day as Elder Ji entered the temple for the first time! He arrived from Mainland China direct to the mission because his government would not let him go to both Provo MTC to learn English as well as going to New Zealand. He joined the church 18 months ago and had a branch of 5 who he loved and they loved him! At 25 years old, he faithfully followed the call of the Lord to serve a mission! The New Zealand Auckland Mission is blessed to have such a faithful missionary!
Just out the door of the temple! Elder Ji is next to me with Elder Walk his trainer and Alan, supportive member who just got married 2 days prior!
What an amazing day!
When asked how he felt, he said, "Peace and Happy!"


Bart, Paige and Grace said...

I want to thank you for keeping this blog! My name is Paige Beecher Christoffersen, Elder Alex Beecher's sister. It is so much fun to see what is happening in the mission and to hear about how they are doing! THANK YOU!

Whitney Jensen said...
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Whitney Jensen said...

I just wanted to say thanks too! My cute little brother is Elder Zach Jensen and it is so comforting to see pictures of him on the other side of the world and to know that he is doing well!

Jared Te pirihi Lee Ah Chee said...

I love to give thanks to our heavenly father and a special thanks to the two wonderful Elders name Elder Jepperson and Elder Walk, for planting the seed of gospel and my families lives