Saturday, January 29, 2011

Losing almost 10% of the mission in one out take!

Three Elders from Gisborne required a trailer in the middle of a major storm and roads closed to get them up to Auckland!
The normally 8 hour trip took 12 hours to make! Even the Lord's cars are tough!
Reunion of the Collett family! Elder Collett gives his father a hug but doesn't recognize his mother--while he was serving she lost 170 lbs. You go girl!
Elder Collett was not expecting his younger brother to come along with his parents!
The biggest surprise was that his younger brother was also expecting his mission call any day now. Our Elder Collett didn't even know he was planning to serve!
What a reunion!
The Collett family!
The Andros family is reunited! Actually, they picked him up in Tauranga and brought him up to the mission home!
The Petty family comes from Christchurch to pick up Elder Petty!
A stalwart Elder from a great family!
All of these missionaries represent almost 10% of our mission lost in a single transfer! This was a tough one! We love you!


amanda said...

I have enjoyed checking out the blog over the last 2 years and catching glimpses of our elder. I see he still managed to keep up the silly face pose even for the last photo. That's my boy!! Great to have him home.

Nic said...

Lovely photos. Thank you for looking after our Elder Petty so well for two years, and thank you for letting us all be there at the end. One little detail - we are from New Zealand - the other Elder Petty is from Australia.
Our ex-Elder Petty is doing great at home, and wedding plans and employment are falling into place. What blessings!

Milika said...

awww job well done Sister Irobeni!! Time flew by fast!!

Jerome said...

HI guys, Its Jerome Rezel here!
AKA ELder Rezel

Miss the mission heaps!

Love yous