Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zone Leader Council -- We are at war with the Satan!

Elders Davidson, Brown and Stucki represented the forces of evil! One of the comments was: "They made it seem enticing---just like Satan does!
Elders Handy, Collette and Aldridge were the determined missionaries with the task to capture the Title of Liberty (which was actually, the Title of Tamaki, Tamaki Zone had made), while the forces of evil shot their fiery darts at them! They had to start over if they got shot!
Elders Greening, Whitrod, and Smith were used as barriers in the mission which Elder Aldridge utilized quite nicely in his sneak attempt to capture the Title of Liberty!
Elder Aldridge goes for it!
Elders Handy and Collette used the barriers well!
Elder Aldridge makes yet another attempt---determined thing isn't he!
Here is Elder Handy's go at it!
Oh, here comes Elder Collette!
Elder Collette make his defence! The determined missionaries were successful at getting the Title of Liberty and getting home safely; they both had equal amounts of ammo but those representing Satan had to remain in the corner because they don't have a body! It was a good experiencial learning activity in the middle of our discussion about the fact that WE ARE AT WAR WITH SATAN for the souls of mankind! We discussed how we can recognize his tactics and ways to encourage the missionaries to fight hard! All the answers came from the scriptures of course!
Assistant's, Elders Cline and Sevey teach about the Recognizing and Responding to the Spirit!
Anyone who fell asleep---got shot!
Elder Whitrod fell asleep!
Successful Conquerers of Satan!


patricia dumont said...

the angels clearly protected them and they were taught by their mothers so it is wonderful to see that all is well!

The missionaries look so happy to be victorious!!

Sis DuMont

Angela said...
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Jayce and Sarah Porter said...

I love the action shots! Way to go with yet another creative, fun, meaningful activity for the missionaries! Just a few more weeks!!!!