Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome, Welcome seven missionaries!

Seven enthusiastic new missionaries that are ready to serve! We are thrilled to have them!
Left to right: Elders Nelson, Naicker, Leetham, Daniels and President--front, left to right, Sisters Engebretsen, me, Leu and Fu'a!
Both at the airport and at One Tree Hill, these missionaries were exposed to rich Maori traditions; Haka to welcome family members home to New Zealand at the airport, and a religious leader gathering at One Tree Hill!
Elder Nipko will train Elder Nelson!
Elder Leetham is being training by Elder Moody!
Sister Elisaia is training Sister Fu'e!
Elder Saunders will be training Elder Naicker!
Sister Engebretsen is being trained by Sister Kapalu!
Elder McKinley is training Elder Daniels!
Sister Leu will be trained by Sister Ashcraft!
Elders Bresee and Magelby are Zone Leaders over a newly created Zone, actually the combining of two areas---it will be known as, the Rotorua/Tauranga Zone!
Are these Sisters cute or what? Left to right: Sisters Sitthidamrong, Siilata, Teaupa, Avauli, Auva'a and Masoe! We are blessed to have 31 Sisters serving in this mission! Next transfer we get 5 more Sisters with only 2 going home, so that will make 34 Sisters total! As President always says, "Sometimes the best man for the job, is a woman!" In this case, a Sister! When the Elders say it can't be done, we send in the Sisters and low and behold--things start happening! We are the Lord's secret weapon for a reason!
More secret weapons --Left to right: Sisters Chen, Mahas and Kamal!
I think Elders Handy and Smith just wanted to be photographed, but they are newly assigned Zone Leaders in Manakau Zone!


patricia dumont said...

Sister Porter,
I love your red, white and blue scarf! Is it new? You wear it so well!

Our son is doing well, we have been to the temple, we had Stake Conference today and he just went for a walk all by himself! We love having him home and we love that he worked so diligently there in the NZAM! (best mission in the world). Much love,
Patricia DuMont, mum to Samuel W. DuMont

Jenny Larsen said...

Talk about a small world, Sister Fu'a was waiting on her visa and served temporarily in Birmingham Alabama and was companions with Elder Jeffrey Larsen's cousin, Sister Chelsie Martin! Now Sister Fu'a is safe and sound in New Zealand. I pray that she has the opportunity to meet Elder Larsen before he comes home next month!