Sunday, November 21, 2010

December Zone Leader Council!

Elders Cooper, Rezel,and Sessions are taking pictures of the "Dear John" board! The missionaries love to call it the "wall of shame", but we look at it as the "wall of fame"---the less distractions from home, the better the missionary!
Elders Collette, Pre and Bresee take a look at the NZAM Baptism Wall of Fame! Pictures of baptisms from all who send pictures in. It has stretched to 3 doors and a cork board, covered!!!
Elders Brown, Whitrod and Burr getting warm at lunchtime!
Elders Alldridge, Witt, Handy, Larsen and Smith livin' the life at lunch!
Elder Stucki peers through!
Elders Greening and Smith keep up their Maori connections!

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