Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mission Conference! What a treat!

We are still pinching ourselves, wondering how we could be so fortunate as to be able to have Elder Hinckley and his wife, Elder Hamula and his wife, Elder Nielson and his wife visit the mission and share some inspirational messages with us! It truly was a spiritual feast for all of us!
Petty cousins meet at the conference!
Some of our lovely senior couple missionaries!
Random lunch photos! Actually ended up to be more of a linder due to our fasting during the conference!

President Armstrong on the left and President Ball on the right! We love our mission presidency!
Elder Hamula said that clean cars were a sign of obedient missionaries! They are gleeming!
Elder Tham!
Sister Mahas and Jones!
Sister George and Elder Handy!
Our Christchurch missionaries -left to right - Elders Petty, Trainor, Sister Kamal and Elder Seauga!
Sisters Ashcraft, Leu, Sitthidamrong and Shumway!
Sisters Auva'a, Siilata, Elisaia and Fu'e!
Tongan Elders!
Sisters Elisaia and Fu'e practicing for the "Joy to the World" campaign!

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Cathy G said...

Thank you for posting missionary pictures, it is great to see our missionaries! Thank you for all you do for them! Love, Elder Gardner's mom